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Jimmy Bowman – Swings At The Golden Fox

Private Press Jazz for the late 60s cocktail set.  Jimmy Bowman was (is?) a journeyman pianist who at some stage apparently held a residency at the Golden Fox club in Minneapolis.  The title of this 45 is a little misleading though because it was actually recorded in a Minneapolis studio (UA Recording Studios) rather than at the Golden Fox itself.  The usual duo of Bowman & bassist “Duffy” Goodlowe are joined by a full band of other musicians on the two songs here.  Side one is a unremarkable version of ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’ & side two is a nice but a little loungey version of ‘Spinning Wheel’.  The main reason I bought this 45 sealed without first listening to it was primarily to see what the version of ‘Spinning Wheel’ was like. I love that song & tend to find something good in almost every version I hear. A close second in the decision maker to buy this 45 was the cover with Mr. Bowman decked out in full golf attire in front of the Golden Fox looking longingly at a stuffed Golden Fox sitting on the hood of a car. Released on his own ‘Bow-Pete’ label this is essentially a mini “taster” 45 of a full length LP which shares the same title & cover. First time I’d ever seen a sealed picture sleeve 45 too.

Jimmy Bowman – Spinning Wheel.mp3


  • I met Jimmy Bowman in Walker, MN a long time ago when he was playing at the Chase on the Lake. I loved him – he was so good. I have the one and only album that he recorded and I listen to it often even today.

    We played a lot of golf together and spent a lot of time talking and singing and enjoying each other.

    He was a great guy and I miss him, his talent, his golf game and most of all his music.

  • Great work – just wanted to give you some props on my post.


  • ha ha, cool, I’ve seen the LP but never actually owned it.

  • For the record, there are at least three Jimmy Bowman LPs. Jimmy Bowman (S/T), An Evening with Jimmy Bowman, and Swings at The Golden Fox.
    The first 2 are on Jaybo Records. Pre-Bow-Pete!

  • I think there is one which is almost all spoken comedy too, with a pretty much plain white cover, hardly any or no music at all. Does that describe one of the 2 you mean?

  • An Evening With Jimmy Bowman has a pretty much plain white cover. It’s standard lounge fare, but a couple songs are beat poetry style jazz raps, such as “Wild Columbus.”

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