John & Ed Strickland – Rebel Beat

John & Ed Strickland seem to have been something of a none to one almost hit wonder group, it’s actually been pretty tough to find any information on these guys or this 45. The actual A side is a nice mid/slow version of Wilbert Harrison’s “Kansas City Blues” that draws equally from country & R&B (I guess lite-rockabilly would describe it well). I’m more partial to the instrumental flip “Rebel Beat” though, a very cool guitar led piece. As you can see, the label is not particularly helpful & I am speculating that the record could be one of the early releases on the predominantly bluegrass specialist Rebel label out of Virginia. Alternatively it could just be a budget label whose story is lost to the mists of time. I don’t even have a year for this, late 50s would be a good guess, so if anyone knows more please speak up.

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  • These guys were from Nebraska. This 45 was also released as by the “Rebels” (some of this press was with a picture sleeve). It’s from 1965 and no relation to that other Rebel label. There’s another record on this label that I think is country. Recorded at Sears Studio.

  • The Rebels (Stricklands) were either from Omaha or Western Iowa. Recorded at Don Sears Recording Studio in Omaha, mid to early 1950s. There are 3 variations of this record (The Rebels, Jim and Ed Strickland, and possibly Rockin Rebels, all on their own Rebel records. And, I’ve seen photos of a picture sleeve of the two Stricklands on this record. But, we’re still trying to locate them and find more info about this likely rockabilly-country-fied rock band…for our website. Mike Semrad

  • Thanks for more info on this record.

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