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Kenneth Moales – Serve The Lord

I haven’t been able to google much about Kenneth Moales’ recording career. I believe this was his ensemble’s first LP & is probably from the early 70s. Moales is still apparently a respected evangelist & pastor, but I have no idea if he has other records or not. This would be a great LP but for the fidelity, it’s one where you wish the drums were a bit more prominent & that it didn’t sound as though it was recorded in a church. There are a number of fine uptempo gospel soul tracks on here & Moales possesses a fine voice as well as surrounding himself with other strong singers, musicians & arrangers. At the time of recording Moales was based in Bridgeport, Connecticut & the LP was released on Glori Records in Jersey City, New Jersey. There are at least a couple of pressings of this LP, one with a yellow label & another with a peach colored label. Highlights include the uptempo & funky title track, the brooding version of “The Waterside” & a funky version of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” that closes the album. Overall it is a fully listenable record with no songs that make you feel as though you must skip over them.


  • Aaron Sneed Sr

    For updated information on Kenneth Moales, please refer to prayertabernacle.com

  • Aaron Sneed Sr

    I aman orignal member of the Kenneth Moales Ensemble.For updated information about Kenneth Moales, please refer to prayertabernacle.com

  • there is a 45 of kenneth morales “the waterside” too.. it’s a different version.
    still i’d prefer the album version but the 45 version is pretty decent too.. and the drums are a tinsy bit more prominent ;-).


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