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Rick Eyk: Simple Pleasures / You Only Think

Floaty psychedelic guitar explorations taking the listener to far away lands. “You Only Think That You Think You Think” “Simple Pleasures”

Tough Times: Times It Up (A Multiplication Rap)

Straight from the halls of Thomas A Edison Middle School in Brighton MA comes the mathematical beatbox  wizardry of Danny Taylor, Brian Smith, Jack Accime and Kenny Gulfield! Yes, these are Tough Times and it is time to Times It Up! Brian, you know your […]

Summit: Life’s A Dream

The Rouse brothers from Detroit were in the other Shaggs (on Capitol) before making this record with Summit in 1981. Some songs have Chicago horn sound (Don’t Know Why) while others lope along pleasantly (Dancin’ In The Wind). “Dancin’ In The Wind” [Audio clip: view […]


In case you were wondering, yes there is in fact an anti-abortion pro-abstinence dreamy indie-pop LP from 1985. And, yes, it is called Zing. And yes, it does feature a song called “Planned Barrenhood”. And yes, the jacket was stuffed full of “educational” material. And yes, there […]

Macho Alex: The Funk

This is a cassette that I bought off of a kid named Alex who I went to middle school with in Pacific Grove CA, back in the mid nineties. We were about 12 years old when it came out. He would sell them at recess […]

Tom Eagles: Short Affairs

I found this today and thought I’d share its Waxidermic charms. “I Need A Sign” is a poor alienated lover man’s “Shakedown Street” The lyrics in “August” anticipate Will Oldham’s delivery 20 years later. The fuzzy track “Vanilla Man” was too risque to post… “August […]

The Dukes of Haggard: Point of View

The dude that sold this to me told me that it was only sold at truck stops. I don’t know if that’s true. It seems to be a concept album of (unlicensed?) Merle Haggard songs covered in a disco or new wave idiom. This was […]

John Bult: Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

John Bult wants to set the record straight. His one and only LP, Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday should have been his calling card to country music stardom. Instead the album has been singled out as the best of the worst – not for Bult’s singing abilities, but for […]

Hollywood Sessions 130

Ah, Song Poem records. Like the parent who’s never there for you yet you still seek their company. I have no idea why I still buy these. I’d try to argue that I have a particular weakness for this fuzzy felt stock sleeve, but let’s […]

Jerry Granelli – Visions

Excalibur Inc., No Cat. # I don’t have a lot of pride in my home state/town, per se.  It’s not that I dislike Colorado, I just don’t care.  But for some reason, when I come across records made in Colorado, I’m more intrigued than I […]

DONNY MATSLER at his… Lowrey Organ

A perfect example of a private vanity pressing, this LP was recorded by a young Donny Matsler from Showlow, Arizona — early 70’s vintage I’d presume from the look and the track listing.  Consisting of ten tracks recorded at Soundtech Studios in Phoenix, Donny dedicates […]

Ernst Reijseger / Alan “Gunga” Purves – Cellotape & Scotchtape

The other find from my time in Amsterdam worth presenting.  The sparse list of instruments on the back cover (cello, kalimba, drums, percussion and shakers) intrigued me enough to go for it, and I’m so glad I did. Cellotape & Scotchtape is the result of […]

Friends Roadshow – Live at the Melkweg

A year and a half ago, I had the pleasure of digging in Amsterdam.  On the advice of some Dutch collectors, I found myself at the flea markets of Waterlooplein on a rainy day, where I stumbled upon this gem.  In my book, passing on […]

Andy Hidalgo – Taiwan Memories

“Andy Hidalgo who has headed the orchestra at the US Officer’s Clup in Taipei since 1954 brings out his second album -Taiwan Memories- at the request of many who have heard his versatile organization play. It is hoped that such members as China Nite and […]

Torkom Saraydarian & The High Mountain Band – Music From Mountains, Rivers and Oceans

Torkom Saraydarian was a Turkish-born spiritual teacher of Armenian descent who spent his last years in Sedona, Arizona.  There he built a following for his “Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom” and also recorded a lot of music.  Most of this music consists of solo piano […]

Asher – S/T

Love the b&w emblem on this one, made to be converted into a jacket patch. Hard Rock 4 song 12″ EP out of Ohio fronted by a female lead singer on Zipperleg Records. Stays pretty much within the conventions of the era  (1984) although the […]

“Book” – …”Book’s” Greatest Hits Vol. 13

At a certain point in life one should probably start to assume the existence of things that previously seemed inconceivable. Like, for example, of course there is a wah-wah-synth-steel-drum-new-wave cover of Fraser & DeBolt’s “Gypsy Solitaire” by these Southwestern redneck lounge goofballs on an LP […]

Cheryl Charles Duo – Rhapsody

Private Lounge Cabaret Electro Act from Huddersfield.  This copy signed, as presumably is every other one, having been sold from a box on stage at the local working mens club to the punters sufficiently emboldened by five pints of mild and a portion of pie […]

The Clarence Daniels Orchestra featuring Sandy Miller – Do The Deal

From my prized collection of LPs featuring people holding over-sized playing cards. This amateur orchestra floated over with this track. Great vibraphone break. “And Then I’ll Stay” melts me into a puddle. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Luft Sisters – Full House

From my prized collection of LPs featuring people holding over-sized playing cards. Not unremarkable. Can we all agree on that? “Hit In The Heart” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] “All Through The Night” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Past And Present – First Time Out

This is a UK private press LP recorded at Rook Studios in the town of Stourport On Severn. It was released in 1979 and is all cover songs of varying genres. I guess this band was a local outfit which played pubs/clubs, maybe weddings and […]

Carlos Camacho & Rafael Fuentes – Brilla El Sol

The problem with deeply catholic countries is that people don’t write sweet folk songs about god, they write actual masses. This record is suposed to be played and sung to conduct a typical catholic liturgy. According to the back cover’s text, they wrote it to […]

Ods Bodkins – Serendipity

Mellow folk trio from Johnson City, Tennessee (beefed up by other players for certain songs). The album was recorded in 1979 and self -published on their own label. Although it has a couple of traditional/bluegrassy numbers, it focuses on a smooth acoustic sound. Ods Bodkins: […]

Evangelist Eva L. Orange – Mother Don’t Look Back Go Forward

This record came out on the Tropical label out of Miami (better known  for Frankie Sea & The Soul Riders). Most of it consists of a sermon but the album is bookended by a couple of songs on each side. The most unusual is the […]

Hank & Lewie Wickham: Back To Back

Listenable bone from New Mexico. Real talk lyrics regarding love affairs and Firefall easy glide feelings. Three song stretch at end of side two is strong waiting for the rest to grow or show… “Everything” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] “Lyrics” [Audio clip: […]