Le Vieux Show Son Sale

Naughty, naughty Canadians. Tisk, tisk…


  • I believe this record is affectionately known as “the cum shot break”.

  • Mother of God, that’s an intense record cover.

  • it’s an 1975 Quebecois (kanada) lp cover from a guy name Plume Latraverse, the album name is ”le vieux show son sale” it cant realy be translate in english because it use the sound of word to tell somethign… lets call it ”the old dirty show” Plume Latraverse play whit the words to let the people know all the wrong things in our country etc etc etc, this gyu sing the dark side of the society.

  • Hey!
    do you how I can buy this Cd please?
    I need for my father’s birthday

  • You’ll be surprised to learn that this guy, Plume Latraverse, is an incredibly talented poet who writes his songs using rhymes and feet. Listening to Plume’s extensive catalogue makes you understand the differences between French and Quebecers way of life.

  • Plume Latraverse – Le Vieux Show Son Sale
    Label: Decca
    Catalog#: XDEF 112
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Country: Canada
    Released: 1975
    Genre: Pop, Rock
    A1 Le Reel Du Pendu 2:40
    Written By – Traditionnal
    A2 Le Lâchage De Job 3:00
    Vocals – Serge Chapleau
    A3 Lit Vert 2:10
    Double Bass – Jacques Laurin
    A4 Stella Daily Breakfeast Blues 5:40
    Vocals – Serge Chapleau
    A5 Charlow’s Boogie 5:55
    B1 Le Rock’n’Roll Du Grand Flan Mou 2:42
    B2 Adiadyll 5:45
    B3 Le Tango Des Concaves 2:25
    B4 Bobépine 3:57
    B5 Équinoxes 4:55
    B6 Rat Qui Roule 1:48
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Steve « Cass » Faulkner*
    Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guiro, Vocals, Percussion [Basque Drum] – Maurice Richard
    Drums – Serge « Bedê » Vaillancourt*
    Guitar, Vocals – Michel Perron
    Guitar, Voice, Producer – Plume Latraverse
    Harmonica – Serge Chapleau
    Piano [Acoustic, Electric], Synthesizer – Charles « Ô »Barbeau*
    Recorded live at Entrepôts Paul Baillargeon, Repentigny, Québec.

    Tracks A3, B1 and B4 are the most well known on this album. They played a lot on certain radio stations in QC. Lit Vert talks about winter and how we’d like to get away from it all sometimes. The other two’s subject matter match quite well with the image on the cover.
    The vocalist is mostly Plume Latraverse. The singer on A2 and A4, Serge Chapleau, is now a well known political cartoonist in Quebec and creator of political puppet that became a animated cartoon series called Gerard D. Laflaque.

    Get it at http://bit.ly/9YkgQL

  • The title may be translated as “The Old-Show Dirty-Sound” or “The Old Dirty Sound Show”

  • It’s a pun. One way it reads “The old dirty sound show”. The other way it reads “The dirty old sock”

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