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Decent folkie man from NOLA with an warbley, nasal voice. He’s got the lonely room ambiance, and his style is likable enough, but he sorta kinda comes up short in the song department. Oddly enough it’s his cover of Lennon’s “A Day in the Life” that sticks with ya. If some of his originals took the same kind of interesting twists and turns we might actually have a ball game. The rest is certainly not bad, just not terribly memorable. Pretty sure he’s got another later lp where he’s backed by a full band.

Les Moore: “A Day in the Life”

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  • As of 2-26-2009, Les lives in the Charlotte, NC area & does sound for bands. Don’t know how much he’s performing, but he is a gifted musician. Wish he’d recorded more. In New Orleans, during the early 1970’s, he was a big draw at Andy’s Bar on Bourban Street. He was the usual opening act for touring bands (i.e., Little Richard, Elton John, etc.).

  • …make that Bourbon Street or my name is mudd.

  • Appreciate your update on Les Moore. Used to date him in the 1970’s when he played at “Clarity’s” next door to “Your Father’s Mustache” (downtown New Orleans). I was a hostess he was the musician- best of times- a great & talented person. I remember he played that referenced cut/album for me but I don’t think that cut alone does him justice. Lost touch when I left to Brazil. Glad to know he alive and well. Couldn’t find much more on him unless he’s the same Les Moore appearing Monday nights at the Double Door Inn- Charlotte, NC

  • Glad to find something on Les. Enjoyed his music for years in San Marcos, Tx. Good man, good friend, excellent guitarist…Les was born with a guitar in his hand…always said he’s got that “special thing” inside…that soul that makes music more than just music.

  • What a memory from my past days in the 70’s in the French Quarter when myself and friends would end up at Andy’s Bar regularly and listen to the talented and gifted Les Moore. Thank you Les for you music and the memories ,,,,,,

  • after his gig was over on bourbon street in the french quarter, not sure of the name of the club,we would go to jackson square and jam together until daylight. i would ask him to do a song i think the title was “deed i do ? ” and we would sing beatle songs together and other stuff as well, if some one knows where les moore is now i would like to know please, seems like it was in the latter part of 1960,s. he was a real nice person. gunulfsen@yahoo.com p.s. let me know where i can get some music on les moore as i am a musician as well. les if you see this contact me. gene…

  • if any of you people that posted earlier on this site have anything of him that you may want to share please contact me, gunulfsen@yahoo.com

  • I met Les when he played Jekyll Island Ga in 1973 on a show I promoted with Terry Kane doing sound for a little weekend concert ( remember Terry walked into a door & split his lip ) OUCH ! . Fabulous sound ! Later had him open in Tallahasse Fl for Leon Russell. Is Terry Kane still with us ? I have the Natural Records LP ( in fair shape ) – would be willing to share if its ok with Les.

    PS: Les, Robbyne says Hi :)

    Scott Herig

  • The Riverman Music CD reissue of this came back from the plant and turned out very nicely. It should be available through Forced Exposure by May.

  • I palled around with Les when he was playing in the Newport Beach/Tustin area of southern California back in ’67 or ’68. Jim Shoup was apparently getting him work in the area.

  • I was fortunate enough to play bass with Les in the Charlotte area in the late 80’s, early 90’s as the Les Moore Trio. At the time I was unaware of what a fantastic musician he was. Had I known more, I would have been totally intimidated. Night after night I saw him exhaust himself and put his entire soul in songs performed in front of unappreciative crowds whose only intrest was getting drunk and laid. Les grew tired of the bar scene and once told me he never cared to perform again. He took great pride in seeing his daughter Emily blossom into a performer. She is now touring with Fun.
    I have a bunch of cassette tapes of us recorded in his sunroom that hopefully havent deterioriated.

  • This has been reissued as a CD and download — go to yogarecords.com for info.

    Joe, if you ever see this, send me an email… I’d love to hear these tapes and I’m sure Les would too. Thanks.

  • Miss him..hung out when he played in Newport (fixed his ol white van) stayed with me in Aspen hope he is well.. would love to touch base

  • i grew up in New Orleans, and Les Moore was one of my inspirations as a musician.
    I have a CD recording that’s a transcript of a cassette I recorded at “Clarity” in the
    early 70s. I’d be happy to send it to anyone who wants it if I could get Les’s permission. I do several of his songs, Happy Sam, Stuck Out In The Arizona Sand,
    Remember That Sky, Look To the Sea For What You Are, and some others I can’t think of right now. I tried to contact
    him a few years ago to see if he’d be interested in a copy of that old tape, but never got a reply. It’d be great to get some of his later music! JD in Colorado

  • … I’d also like to THANK him for all the musical INSPIRATION he gave me! JD in Colorado

  • I would listen to Les play at Andy’s in New Orleans. I ended up running away from home & coming to New Orleans because he was here. He was such a nice guy & gave me a place to crash at his place on Peniston St uptown for a day or two. But most of all I remember his music. His voice and his passion. I could listen to him all night and often did. I hope he is well and happy, wherever he is. Such an amazing talent.

  • Saw Les open for Black Oak Arkansas at the NOLA Warehouse in the 70’s and at Muddy
    Waters bar on Oak Street in early 80’s. Bought his lp in the 70’s too. What a talent! He silenced the thousands in attendence at the Warehouse when he opened there for BOA.
    Best to him always for the great musical impressions he left us.

  • I worked the door at Andy’s for a couple of years in the early whirly 70s. I remember Les as gentle, talented soul. I still have his album. Loved his sweet rendition of Blackbird. Anyone remember Gracia?

  • I live in Lødingen in the north of Norway. Was a sailor in 1973. Our ship came to New Orleans. I was 24. My friends were drinking and looking for women. I sat all night on some stears in Borbon
    Street, facinated of a street-folksinger called Les Moore. I was sure he would become famous.
    I tolk my friends abort him. But I did never hear anything from him till now. I am glad I did. Thank you! God memories! Take care!

  • I worked with Terry Kane and Les for the early / mid 70s.
    Did the recording of him @ our shotgun house studio on Laurel St.
    I still have a cade of unopened albums somewhere in my garage.
    Great times, great and talented musician.

  • I worked at a restaurant in the Quarter. We would finish up about 11:30 at night and head over to Andy’s hopefully to catch Les. Many the day we would greet the dawn still sitting at the bar at Andy’s. Mia was tending bar at the time. Young, stupid and bulletproof, truly a great time.

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