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Lightdreams – Islands in Space

I was listening to this album hardcore at the same time I started reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer. They seemed to compliment each other well, each depicted a world in space so daring and different. Paul Marcano, the mind behind Lightdreams, dedicates the album to the colonization of space and this really sets the tone for the record. Wavering between a synth drenched psychedelic folk manifesto and new age music for the space traveler, this Vancouver Island private from 1981 is able to deliver a convincing soundtrack to the future. There is an element of conviction in Marcano’s work that prevents this from becoming cheesy Windham Hill fodder. Personally, my favorite track is the most stripped down. A blissful finger-picked journey into the sky. The album was mixed under different states of mind to produce maximal…

Paul is currently a visual artist specializing in virtual reality. He can be contacted via the Lightdreams website www.islandsinspace.com and has some copies of this album for sale.

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Lightdreams - back


  • this is fantastic! thankyou!

  • Excellent LP, another hit from the Edmonton Explorer.

  • Amazing stuff! Wish I had $185 to drop on it.

  • milton fakondo

    WOW… my imagination takes me far above the trees! dope album; love to load this one up in my sampler, love spacey ass music. thanks man

  • Thanks for posting this, after all these years I am deeply appreciative of all the comments here, the album was, as most people describe it… and intentionally so. In production, its theme was basically to make side one dedicated to outer space and side two dedicated to inner space!

    UPDATE: It is soon to be re-issued in Vinyl and CD format through “Got Kinda Lost Records/ Guerssen Records” so more people will likely get a chance to hear this rarity with only a handful of the original pressing still around. Incidently, I think clicking my name or Googling me will take you to the rest of my catalogue of music. Islands in Space was album number 12 in a span of 51 albums to date (three new albums in the last year 2014!) I continue to explore all manner of existential mindscapes as well as the prospects of VR worlds through the Oculus Rift. Exciting times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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