Linda Rich: There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far

Linda Rich’s first lp on the Chicago based IVR label from 1969 is an amazingly beautiful set of original xian folk-pop. Outstanding sparse production, excellent songwriting, and Linda’s understated, yet confident vocals make this a record that reaches way beyond any kind of novelty factor often used to “handicap” Christian records. In fact, like many of the best Xian records, there are not constant knock-you-over-the-head Jesus saves type lyrics – rather, her songs are very personal and introspective. All tracks are either totally acoustic, or very lightly and tastefully orchestrated in a style somewhat reminiscent of an early Leonard Cohen album. Apparently she has two other lp’s on IVR that I’m anxious to hear.

1. There’s More

2. Sunlight Shadow

3. Things

4. Clouds Above

5. One Day

6. Tomorrow’s Mountain

7. Man Of Galilee

8. Song Without Words

9. The Shadow Sings

10. Walking With Jesus

11. The Edges Of His Ways

12. Come Unto Me


  • Great record. I have “Patterns” too, which is equally good. But I haven’t seen or heard the other one…

  • It’s called “Apple Tree”, I think.

  • wow. i love this song! is there anyway you could send me the whole album?

  • Is this an original? I swear I’ve heard it before, but I’ve never had this record…hmm

  • Does anyone know where I can get this album. I have been looking for Patterns and There’s More to Living for a long time now. I recently got Patterns on eBay. I use to listen to my sisters albums, when I was younger and I loved them. I would really love to get this one. Hopefully someone can help me.

    Thank you!

  • Wow – great!, thanks for posting this.

  • I knew Linda Rich in the 60’s in Missouri but have lost track of her. Do you happen to know where she is now and if she is still writing songs ?

  • I have been searching for this song for a good two years now! Thank you! I heard some band’s cover of this song and the song itself seemed so good but I wasn’t a huge fan of the band’s delivery of it. This is awesome. How can a guy like me get the rest of the album?

  • I grew up on this album and her album “Patterns.” I heard Linda sing at my church in North Dakota in the early 70’s and have missed her voice. I also have been searching for anything by Linda Rich, and haven’t had any luck until now. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

  • You’re the best!!! Thanks so much!!! You made my week!

  • I would love to get this album again. Does anyone know where I can get it. “Walking with Jesus” has meant so much to me over the years.

  • Thanks for this. I love and miss this album. I have looked for this album on eBay off and on for the past few years and have been unsuccessful. I did find one asking $95. That’s a little to steep for me. Do you by chance know of a site that allows downloads of this album? That would be great.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much for this. I am so greatful. I checked eBay again after I sent my last email and found two lps. One for $195 and the other for $295. That’s just crazy.
    I can’t thank you enough for this. Thanks to you I can enjoy this wonderful music I thought was lost to me.

  • We live in New Zealand. My daughters returned last month from Malaysia and safely brought back our vintage LP album “There’s More To Living”. Earlier this evening my wife and I listened to it for the first time after some thirty years. And what memories came flooding back. We were then so young. It is still magical after all these years. We love the far-away feeling sound. My own favourites and Clouds and Man of Galilee. Andrew and Gloria.

  • What a great album, thanks. I have “Patterns” but despite periodic searches never found anything else by Linda Rich until I came across this. Beautiful voice, she is so calm and reflective. Unfortunately I got an error message when I tried to play “Tomorrow’s Mountain” — is the file corrupt?

  • should be fixed now…

  • Yes fixed now, thank you. It’s been a real treat to listen to something “new” from Linda Rich.

  • thanks so much! this just made my night

  • I have all of Linda’s albums. I’ve been trying to burn them on CD, which I hope will happen soon. I ironically ran across a sealed album of her’s at the Habitat for Humanity second hand store, or GoodWill. It was a happy day for me. I only paid $1.00 for the album.

  • Does anyone know what happened to Linda Rich or where she is today?

  • I have been looking for this album for sooo long. I loved it as a young believer, and Man of Galilee is still my favourite after 30 years. Is there any way I could get a copy of this album? I have had no success on ebay.
    I think Linda has moved onto glory – I remember doing a search on the net and came across an article which implied that.

  • Where is glory? Google map just brought up a blank page.

  • what an awesome album!!
    any chance for the lyrics?

  • My wife and I were pretty close to Linda in the mid 70’s. She sang at our church and even house sat for us. We visited her when she was living in Columbia, Missouri. We lost contact when she moved and left no forwarding address. We both loved her dearly and would very much like to reconnect.

  • Thank you for posting this site. I have been wanting to hear her voice again. Linda Rich’s soothing voice and contemplative lyrics is a treasure, more so if she has passed on to glory. The quartet that I used to be a part of sang many of her songs. If Anna could make her collection available on CDs I would be very grateful.

  • Thank-you for posting Linda’s album. I have a copy of it, but it has been well used. “I’ll chase the clouds one by one in search…Lord until you find me.”
    May God bless you.

  • We just love this album. We found it in December. I find myself being lured to it daily. Beyond the lovely qualities of Linda’s voice, I am really drawn to how refreshing the ‘introspective’ and rather personal content of the lyrics are. There is a copy on ebay now–cheap.

  • The second track on this album has been reissued on the excellent “Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies from the Canyon,” issued last year on Chicago’s Numero Group label, which includes other great artists in a similar vein.

  • i also i am interested in the location of Linda Rich. i have all three of her recordings and the master tapes of the recordings. i am her brother. i have not seen or heard from her in over twenty years and have tried to make contact is sevreal ways. any help in this would be appreciated.

  • I’m looking for the album

  • i met linda rich in 1969 at one of her concerts at the u of minn. i was very inspired by her singing and guitar playing.Please let me know if there is a way to get a cd or tape of “there’s more to living.” thank you, rick

  • I, too, am an old fan of Linda’s music. I had all her records at one point, not sure where they are now. I’m hoping to find an MP3 of “Sun Streaming Through Stained Glass Windows.” If anyone knows where I can find it I’d appreciate an email.

  • I am sad to hear that her whereabouts in unknown, our condolences. (james’ post gave me goose bumps). I was a missing person for a long time, things are better now.

    I never tire of this album. These little melodies dance through my head when I least expect. I have used the mp3’s posted here to bring her music to other people who had never heard. Thank you Waxidermy.

  • I knew Linda in the sixties. After college we all went our separate ways. Much has happened since then. I was so delighted to find her “There’s More” album here. I owned all three of them at one time. Are the other two published somewhere also? I wish I see and talk with Linda once again as we did at Bear Trap Ranch so long ago. God’s love still pours from her music after more than 40 years.

  • If anyone knows Linda’s whereabouts or if her albums are published somewhere – I would love to get in touch. Please contact Bob Ellis at

  • I met Linda and her brother Bill at Tri State Bible Conference in NJ. It was about 1967 and she was my counselor at camp. She taught us how to sing and play The Man of Gallilee. A true inspiration musically and spiritually. And yes I would also like to get in touch with her. Please contact

  • the information i have been able to tap indicates that either Linda is deceased or steadfastly does not wish to be found. i polan to convert all three albums to CD by the end of this year or early next year and will gladly share them with anyone who wants them at either no cost or S&H only.these should be shared and not sold for profit. i had no idea so many lives were touched by her and so many still wanted her music. my thanks to all who have helped in the search since my posting earlier. i will repost when i am able to make the conversion to cd’s. james rich Linda’s brother.

  • If there’s one song I’d like to hear before I die is Linda’s Agnostic’s Prayer. I have not heard it since the 70s but I always find myself mentally singing it every time I am confronted with a bad situation or when I find myself questioning God. I would love to have all of Linda’s albums on CDs and would gladly pay for it, or donate some money to church or charity, in honour of Linda, wherever she is. God Bless.

  • i randomly came across this LP of linda’s in the basement of a record store in milwaukee that mostly sold hip hop and dance records! immediately i fell in love with it, but
    unfortunately my copy didn’t include the song&chord sheet and i’m trying to find somebody who could send me a photocopied version (or perhaps even send it through the internet as an attachment in an e-mail, etc). i’m also very interested in learning more about linda’s life and mysterious “dissapearance”. i’d like to try to help bring more attention to her beautiful music through any possible avenue; writing a piece about her for a magazine, helping re-issue her albums, etc. (i’ve written the address for james rich thats listed above a few times, as of yet to no response).
    so, please get in touch with me if you can offer any assistance in anyway (stories about her, advice about who to contact, etc):
    thanks in advance. -justin c. rhody

  • In the 1980’s I spent hours on the phone trying to find out if Linda had ever done any other albums. I have been a big fan since I was very young. I found someone in Missouri who knew her when she was in youth group. I found her alma mater. I found a copy of “Patterns” in a church library by phone. An older man copied it onto a cassette tape and sent it to me but it is such a poor copy that I can’t even listen to it. I’d love to get a good copy. It was so fun to find this site and know there are other people out there who love her music. No one could tell me whether she was still around or composing.

  • Linda, perhaps you have gone to be with the Lord, but if by chance you are still alive and have discovered this sight, I pray that you would reflect on the words of the songs that the Lord gave you so many years ago, and remember that you are loved and accepted by God. I’ll never forget listening to you for hours at Bear Trap Ranch when I was a little girl. We love you Linda!

  • I was so excited when I checked out this web site looking for Linda…I was given 2 of her albums back in the early 70’s..I, too, fell in love with her music and I still listen to it every chance I get…I am interested in getting her music on CD when ever it is available…I would also like to know what ever happened to her…She was truely one of God’s Blessed angels of song…

  • Regarding confirmation of albums and titles by Linda Rich, three were completed. They are as follows; There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far, Patterns, and Apple Tree. For those wanting copies, I’d be happy to forward them, but first instructions are needed to get them recorded from the record player and onto the computer. If anyone can provide me with instructions, please respond, so then I’ll be able to follow up. I also have the lyrics from each album, however, not all the printed chords are correct – if my memory is correct, especially for Apple Tree. Regardless, if anyone would like copies, I already know how to scan documents and then send attachments to an email. Last, but not least, many years ago I came across a music book with the actual music for only a few of Linda’s songs. Thanks in advance for intstructions on how to copy from the record player to the computer.

  • Oops! Forgot an address for contacting me. It is

  • I too was so excited to find this website! I grew up in New Jersey, and my mother played this album daily…30 years ago…as she did house work. I would dance around the house and sing Linda’s songs, and miraculously I still remember almost every word! I also have this album, but unfortunately it is nearly worn out. I have just begun a new bible study that challenged me to listen to music every day that would keep my heart and my mind in the right place, and this music immediately came to mind after all of these years. What a wonderful Mother’s day present this would be for my mother and for myself! If anyone has been able to obtain these albums on CD, I would be more than happy to pay for them. What a wonderful legacy she has left for each of us!

  • I was able to make a CD of “There’s more to living than I know so far”…sounds great! I would be happy to share a copy with anyone who would like one! It would be my pleasure to do so!
    email me at with a name and address and I will get it to you.

  • I was a young guitarist in a religious folk group in northern OH in the early 1970s (The Tears of Joy). “Clouds Above” and “Come Unto Me” were part of our repertiore then. We’re planning a TOJ reunion and homecoming concert in northern OH in late July ’08. Though we haven’t finalized our song list, I’m sure at last one of Linda’s song will be part of the program. How I wish she was still singing.

  • I noticed that James (Linda’s brother) hasn’t posted since August 2007. Has anyone heard from him more recently? []

  • I grew up listening to mom play Linda’s music. A few years ago, I grew ill at the idea that all we had was the original albums … how they get damaged/wear out so I contacted Intervarsity Press (IVCF.ORG) and they were able to get me copies of all three of her albums on CD for just $10 each. I have the original sheet music that came in the album covers, if anybody wants a copy. Linda, if you’re out there, thanks for being a vessal for the Lord!

  • What a delight to find this. I just LOVE this album. My parents bought it just after it had been released and my sisters and I listened to it over and over and over and over… The lyrics are thoughtful and wise and when they are combined with guitar and that voice – well, almost 40 years later they still move me. Thank you…

  • I found an old tape that I kept in good condition and have been able to convert the music to CD. I have the words to “There’s More to Living Than I Know So Far” but not to the second album, “Patterns”. If someone could please email them to me, I’d appreciate it. I don’t think that I have the third album. I used to play & sing her first two albums. Linda left a huge impression on many of us. Thank you

  • i know it has been almost a yr since my last post but i have had MANY concerns in my life which caused this beyond my control. i am sorry i have not yet posted/converted to cd’s her three albums however am in process of purchasing needed equipment and it if all goes well should happen by end of this yr. again i apologize for not posting earlier but a heart attack, surgery, family deaths and job changes all got in the way. hopefully things are stablizing now. i WILL post ASAP when the copies are made. thank you for all your posts and emails and God Bless. j rich

  • I had “Patterns” and “There’s more….” years ago and fortunately, I was able to find all 3 seperately on Ebay. The last one, “Apple Tree” appears to be more rare. Her voice is of course beautiful but there’s a bit of a drop off quality IMHO)wise in the songs or perhaps being recorded in 1974-75 the folk thing was long over. Still it’s worth listening to of course. I just bought a vinyl-to-mp3 turn table and “Patterns” was one of the first ones that I converted. Unfortunately while the recording is acceptable it’s not as perfectly clean as I wanted.

  • Did you record/convert the songs into mp3 using a mic.? ‘Cause I hear the sound of moving the mic. or something before the first song (i.e. There’s more…). Could you plug the output of your system directly into the computer? Just wondering.

  • Huh?

  • I believe Linda came to Bear Trap Bible Camp in Colorado when I attended as a teenager back in the late 60s. I love her music – I would love to aquire the CDs if you ever make copies, please let me know. Thanks.

  • I’d like a copy of those CDs too, James. When you have them ready, post us a message along with the cost and I’ll order one from you.



  • First heard Linda Rich in college in 1969 or so. Would love to purchase those CD’s when they’re available. Will be praying for blessings on both Linda and James.

  • All who are interested….Be sure and check out “Lord of Reality: Christian Songs for Today’s Youth”–an old Tyndale songbook (1971) that has about a dozen Linda Rich songs in it, with simple parts and guitar chords. There were 4 used ones for sale on Amazon, last I checked.

    Linda Rich had a major impact on me spiritually and musically, even as a little girl. I read your posts with deep sadness, James, and hope you find information on Linda’s whereabouts soon. Please sign me up for the CDs too, if they come about.

  • cd being loaded to computer and hope to have ready for sharing very soon. albums-all three are now in cdformat.

  • Some 36 years ago when I first listened to Linda’s There’s More To Living….in my friend’s home, we were so impressed by her songs and words. We were in the same youth fellowship and we used her songs Man of Galilee, Come Unto Me, and the main theme song There’s More as our fellowship singspiration songs. They were so greatand awesome. I happen to check this website and have this wonderful chance to listen to all the songs that were missed over the years. Thanks Waxidermy.

  • It’s fun to see other peoples comments about growing up listening to Linda. My Uncle was an editor for Intervarsity Press and we received two of the albumns as Christmas gifts from his family. I listened to them all the time and sang some of the songs in church as special music.

  • I have a songbook that has a lot of Linda’s songs in it, with piano, words and guitar chords. It is called Lord of Reality: Christian Songs for Today’s Youth. It is compiled by Carol M. Dettoni and published in 1973 by Tyndale House Publishers. Includes: Come Unto Me, Tomorrow’s Mountain, Meditation, God Is Holy, Foam and Sand, He Shall be Called, Song Without Words,Sunlight Shadow, Man of Galilee, Things, and Walking with Jesus. Maybe it’s still available somewhere.

  • I have enjoyed communicating with so many different people all over the world who have requested a copy of Linda’s “There’s More to Living…” CD. I think I am now caught up on requests for copies as I just got several ready to mail. I can’t think of anything better to share with the world. I listened to the CD again tonight as I checked them on the way to my son’s guitar lesson. Linda’s music continues to move me every time I hear it. What a difference she has made to so many of us. I am looking forward to getting copies of the other two. I have never heard either of them and know that I am missing out!

  • I was in high school in Manila, a very young boy just learning how play guitar, when I first heard this album. It was gift to my older sister from a suitor. There’s More to Living was the first song I learned. Almost 40 years later, I’m still playing it. I haven’t forgotten the chords. I haven’t forgotten the lyrics. Linda has a great influence in my music.

  • Apple Tree got me through my adolescence in the late 80’s early 90’s. My parents had the album. I would sing the lyrics pages from start to finish. Her meditative melodies and poetic verses brought me closer to God.
    Looking forward to learning these old but new songs and sharing with my children. Thank you Linda for your gift and hcrink for setting this up.

  • I ordered the Lord of Reality song book from Amazon. It smelled like it had been in someone’s basement for a long time. I don’t care – it’s awesome to have some of Linda’s music. Also, I checked with Intervarsity to see if I could order any of Linda’s music on CD from them. They said they cannot do that any longer because the rights have expired and they cannot reach Linda to get permission to copy anything. Renee sent me “There’s More to Living” and I love listening to it. I’m hoping James will be able to share the other 2 albums. Thanks!

  • I almost forgot. Sunlight Shadow is on You Tube. I don’t know who posted it, but its there.

  • I learned to play guitar while listening to Linda’s albums at Mizzou in the mid 70’s. I went to the Philippines as a missionary and recorded (singing & playing) them all for the benefit of my fellow missionaries. Her lyrical style and heartfelt cries to the Lord resonated with me. Linda gave me voice! May her memory be eternal!
    I would purchase the re-releases of her albums with joy!

  • ‘Patterns’ and ‘More to living’ availible on CD from Korea.
    I see both CD’s on ebay for $16 ea.
    Seller states “500 COPY LIMITED EDITION”

  • I listened to Linda’s music in 1976 in London.
    A Greek friend had it.
    Our favorite song was “Do you ever wonder”.
    Her music was a great blessing and inspiration to a Greek and Dutch girl working in a mission hospital in the east end of London.
    Thank you,Linda.

  • In 1969 while I was a student in Chicago Linda Rich was a guest artist during a Bible study I attended at the LaSalle Street Church. I was moved by the songs and lyrics. I copied down as much as could remember. I spoke with her at the end of the class. She filled in the blanks for me and I used several of her songs for years. I was impressed by her gentle, Christ-like spirit and her passion for sharing her faith.

  • I’m looking for Linda’s Christmas song which included the words,”while shepherds watched their flock.” It used to air on the radio. Anyone able to help me find it?

  • I introduced Linda’s songs to my youth group in the early 70s. They still remember the words. We are interested in getting CDs of her albums. What an impact they had on us.

  • Beth, the words,”while shepherds watched their flock.” are from her second album, “Patterns”. I had a tape of it that I had gotten from a roomate in college (1971), and totally wore it out. I have recently acquired the record, itself, but have not yet transferred it to digital media. I’m still praing that James will be let us know that his “original tapes” to CDs are available. Let me know if you want the lyrics, I can type them out for you.

  • I have just received a CD from a mail order house. It is a copy of “Patterns”. Both “Patterns” and “There’s More To Living” are available through Amazon dot com. The copy that I received has a note from James Rich on the lyric sheets as well as a note on the back cover that the CD was liscensed by James Rich, so it looks as though James transferred the tapes to CD format as he posted, here, in January, but had the CDs burned by some one else. I have not yet seen “Apple Tree” but am anxious to to so.
    Thank you, James, so much for all of your efforts.

  • I am so dissapointed that amazon is out of stock already. If anyone is following this series of posts and can request more, please do so. I will keep checking on amazon. Thanks.

  • there are cds available on EBAY. Alternatively, I can be contacted for more information.

  • Hi hcrink,

    Yesterday during sermon, the pastor shared with us this particular song by Linda Rich “Man of Galilee”
    Like that song. Could I link it to the MP3 in this page? would like to share it with the others.

  • Fine with me.

  • To Joy, who wrote on 6/19/08 had lyrics– Hi, If you still have Song Sheet Lyrics and Guitar Chords from the albums of Linda Rich – Could I get copies from you? Donna

  • Whatever happened to James? Did you ever make contact with your sister?? My family and I have enjoyed her music for years. It’s been fun to listen to her music again.

  • I first heard Linda Rich at a student missions conference in Urbana, IL around 1970. I have her first two albums among my things somewhere. I was trying to remember the lyrics to “Song without Words” when I came across your website. It was a pleasure to listen to her singing again. Thanks a for a peaceful interlude on a lovely fall day.

  • Someone asked for the works of the song “He Shall be called” from the Patterns LP (1970). Here they are. I have the chords if anyone is interested. Write to

    While shepherds watched their flocks
    In a land that’s far away,
    Angels sing praise to God on a day like today
    A babe is born in Bethlehem.

    He shall be called Counselor
    for he shall understand
    An aching heart and silent cries,
    the loneliness of man.

    He shall be called Prince of Peace
    for he shall end all wars,
    And bleeding hearts and bleeding lands
    shall end and be no more.

    He shall be called Wonderful
    and Wonderful shall be his name,

    And he will reign within the hearts of men
    and take all their guilt and pain.

    He shall be called The Everlasting Father
    for men are children all
    But some are sons and some are slaves
    and few men will hear his call.

    He shall be called The Mighty God
    by even those who don’t believe,
    King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
    doubts will end, and all shall see.

    While shepherds watched their flocks
    In a land that’s far away,
    Angels sing praise to God on a day like today
    A babe is born in Bethlehem.

  • I have “Apple Tree” and “There’s More to Living Than I Know So Far” LP albums in their original, slightly worn, jackets. Since I converted and cleaned these into digital format years ago I no longer need these lightly used records. They are available to anyone that will promise to preserve them. Since I am overly concerned with shipping damage, it would be just great if someone wanted these that live or travel near Dallas, Texas.

    James Rich, my sincere thanks to you for your efforts during a time when struggles ran through your life. If you would care to listen to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song “Others” you will hear how I feel about you and Linda, assuming her words came from her heart. NOBODY can touch my heart with song like she has.

    Finally, if anyone can supply for me a good mp3 copy (or most any other format) of “God is Holy” from her “Patterns” album it would complete my collection of all 3 of her albums. An email attachment would be great.

  • I have learned to sing “Clouds Above” and “Man of Galilee” in my teens and those songs have left great impression in my life. I did not the writer was Linda until I lay my hand on her record when I was in university in the 70s and have recently converted in CD and have been listening to it. It is good to know many are still appreciating her songs

  • Got her first two records at Urbana Missions Conference where I first heard her. Love them and have been singing them ever since. Especially the Song without Words spoke to me. Would love to get all three on CD or MP3 format. Thanks for posting

  • I also grew up listening to “There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far” that my mother obtained through InterVarsity When I grew more serious about my Christian faith as sophomore in high school, I would play the “Clouds Above” and “Man of Galilee” over and over on the LP because I found them so inspirational and spiritually uplifting.

  • I was just 17 and in Malaysia when I first heard Linda Rich’s ‘there’s more to living….’ album. I knew the songs well- they touched my life. I now live in UK. Every now and again I would be reminiscent of the words in her songs. It never occurred to me to check the internet until today. Imagine my excitement when I found your website where I could listen to Linda’s songs once again. Thank you. I wish I could get hold of the CDs of ‘Patterns’ and ‘the Apple tree’. I spent all day listening, singing and trying to write down the lyrics; I also had to share these wonderful songs with my husband. He very patiently wrote the guitar chords for me for ‘there’s more to living..’ . Thank you once again

  • nice post, is there a link available to obtain an MP3 of the album? thanks!

  • Just got another request for a copy of Linda’s “There’s More To Living” CD. It’s amazing how many times I have been able to share this over the years and the world wide contacts that have been made. I have just listened to the CD again and it never gets old! Very heart warming! I wonder if Linda had any idea of the long term impact that her music would have?! Bless her!

  • Someone also shared their patterns CD with me in exchange for a copy of my “There’s More To Living” CD. I would be happy to share a copy of that one as well!

  • Wow, so excited to listen to Linda Rich’s songs again after more than 30 years. Was trying to get her CD but realised that it was only on vinyl. Past few years, managed to listen to a few songs on Youtube. Was very nostalgic and excited then, but still miss the whole album, craving and searching for it. Until then I did not realise she had 2 other albums.

    When I first listened to “There’s More To Living …..”, I was in my teens, a record borrowed from a friend by my sister. Ever since that, I fell in love with her songs. I copied down all the songs, trying to catch the chord with my guitar. Until now, I still didn’t get the chords quite right. I remember all the lyrics in this album. Her songs are so uplifting, touching and encouraging. It really speaks of life and I love her voice and the guitar.

    Thank you so much, Hedda GR that I am able to listen to all her 3 albums. It was so nostalgic. I listened to all the 3 albums last night and did not wish to sleep till I finished them. It really bring tears to my eyes and bring back memories of my teenaged life. Next, I need to find out where to get the chords for all her songs, and lyrics for the other 2 albums. I will listen to the other 2 albums which I have not heard before and try to sing along. Praise the Lord!

  • Haven’t checked this site in quite awhile and somehow missed when there were CDs available, from James Rich. Thanks to Hedda GR for posting the YouTube links for the albums. It’s nice to be able to hear them. Would love to get a CD or otherwise be able to listen to them when not at my computer/on-line.

  • I just found all three of my lyric sheets w/guitar chords for Linda Rich’s LPs. I am willing to share them if people still want them. There’s More is printed on yellow paper — should copy or scan OK. Patterns is printed on a dark purple paper — this will be more difficult to scan. Apple Tree is printed on green paper—I think it should be OK. When I get a chance next week, I will try scanning them; if that works, then a PDF can be emailed.

  • Hello Ben Friesen, I too am a Linda Rich fan! My favorite is There’s More to Living. I first heard it from an IVCF staff worker ministering to High School students in the Philippines in the late 60s 70s..I would love to have a copy of the lyrics/chords that you have.My email is Ben!

  • I have been enjoying the YouTube video of There’s More To Living. Sadly, couldn’t find it tonight. Turns out the videos Hedda posted are no longer available.
    There are some individual songs still, posted by others.

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