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Liz Lyons – up your ass

I found this gem for a dollar years ago at a thrift store in Canada. Worth it for the cover alone. The lp is just a filthy comedy record recorded live at club morocco. Sick stuff indeed.


  • i have the exact same record as the one above, signed and everthing. do you know the value of this piece of work?

  • Ihave two liz lyons albums both sighned#1 is liz lyons live from around the world.#2 is up your ass.
    are they worth any thing?

  • worth a thousand dollars

  • Outrageuous, no copies of this LP exist that are NOT autographed. I also have two of them both signed. On both my copies she signed them “enjoy me – Liz Lyons.” There seems to be a proliferation of these around Vancouver, presumably where she must have performed her one show ever.

  • Aha!


    Do you get the feeling she signed these records in advance?

  • Even I’ve got a signed copy of this one. It’s next to my signed Divine album. They could be man-sisters.

  • Kevin McKeown

    Liz Lyons (Lee Leonard) played Izzy’s Supper Club in Vancouver sometime in the early 70s. I was the gay gossip columnist for the Georgia Straight at the time, and was invited by a Wally Price, a retired drag queen who had worked with Liz when she was still Lee, to meet her in her hotel room at the old Ritz. Anyone wanting to hear that whole story should look me up at kevin@publicityplus.ca! It’s quite a tale.

  • In 1990, I was admitted to hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario undergoing treatments for cancer. I met Liz in the “smoking” room and she was hilarious, however undergoing tests for cancer. I’ve always thought of Liz and wondered what happened to her. I tried to contact her in the 1990’s but no response. Could anyone out there help me – why was she in St. Catharines?

  • For the record Jeremy is kidding. This record is worth $5-15 signed or unsigned.

  • This L.P.was, in fact recorded up my ass! For more info, peek up yours!! much love, Willy, the Human Tascam.

  • If anyone has a way for me to get a copy of these, cd-r, mp3 please let me know….. thanx a million!

  • I added my email but I guess it does not show, so: bigjd@cogeco.ca

    Thanx again…

  • I worked as a waitress in a strip club in Alberta in the early ’80s and we had Liz Lyons entertaining for one week. She was so funny and had the men in hysterics. It was nice to see an older woman who was not just a beautiful body captivate the men.

  • Still want a copy somehow. Especially from Ernie… both albums… :-) Is it possible for u to make them for me on cd?? I see the lp’s go for about $18.00 USD on eBay, but never can find them anymore. I had one once. She is hilarious. Thanx anyone…. Ernie?? ;-)


  • I had a chance to buy a copy from Liz when she was working Big Al’s Speakeasy in Peoria Ill in 1982. Wish I had bought it now.

  • I use to listen to this on a cassette…Liz Lyons Up Your Ass..Tape player ate it..I never thought I could ever find another copy. If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know..I appreciate it.

  • been looking for a copy or even a listen on youtube. If there is a way of getting an LP or CD, I’m intrested.

    I remember listening to her when I was younger at least once. She sure left an impression.

    In toronto canada

    Thank you


  • I saw Liz at Isy’s Supper Club on Georgia in I believe 1974 or so. My God she was funny! she had the whole room in stitches through her whole show. An absolutely hilarious comic, and an unsung Canadian icon. She could blow the doors off most comedians working today. If anyone knows how I could get a copy of any of her stuff, I would certainly be willing to pay a fair price for it. I won’t be holding my breath, as I can see not many people show up on this site very often. but if you have the time and energy, I would deeply appreciate your effort. thanks in advance.

  • oh yeah, my email is scrubbalojim@hotmail.com from Jimbo

  • I see this at least once every few months trolling the thrift stores here in Edmonton.

  • Danny O’Bryan

    I worked with LIz Lyons for several months at the God Father strip club in the mid 1970s. I was a comic Danny O’Day at the time. I’ve often wondered whatever happened to her.

  • I worked with her for about 2-3 weeks at Big Al’s in Peoria Ill in 1980. Interesting act. Boy could she dish it out to hecklers.

  • Liz played Cheetah’s strip club in Windsor Ontario multiple times in the late 80’s. In fact, so many that I remember a bunch of her lines. She always opened with “My name is Liz Lyons, I’m 84 years old and I still f*ck.” And yes, she DESTROYED hecklers like no one I’ve ever seen. I remember one show was basically her tearing apart one guy for about half an hour. Classic old time stuff.

  • Any one wishing a copy contact me. Regards

  • Anyone still wanting a copy? I Have one in Excellent condition. Unsigned.

  • Anita Neufeld

    I was with Liz the day she died. I had spoken to her at the hotel died hospital where we met in the smoking area. We struck up a friendship. I had seen her many yrs prior in a club. She was one of the best people I had ever met. She was so I’ll when I saw her again. She told me alot about the guys that were supposedly looking out for her. She called the day she died n I went n saw her. The great lady died as I held her hand.. she was scared.. I think of her often n a smile always comes over me.. I miss her .

  • I have one unsigned found at a thrift store

  • Dieter Krotzek

    I have two signed albums .
    Classics and she would be banned or worse now a days with her very controversial jokes , everything now a days is offensive .
    I guess she only had two albums as it seems .


  • I am trying to email Anita Neufeld about Liz Lyons. Can anyone help?

  • I worked with Liz at the playgirl in Prince George BC in the early to mid 80’s. She packed the place to the rafters every night, it was pure insanity. She was amazing.

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