The title of this record immediately reveals a certain insecurity on the part of the producers as to what exactly they were marketing here. You wonder why Los is cursive, why “TEEN-AGERS” is between quotation marks, and why there’s a dash between TEEN and AGERS. These kids sure look like teenagers. They even live up to the expectations the word teenager has in the context of popular music from the sixties. There are good attempts at rock. But, luckily, their Colombian roots are all over it.

Some stuff could probably be described as Cumbia-Rock and that accordion on the cover fits in nicely. It’s all very crude. Back cover has more pics of the lads and states their hobbies, which are pilotage, short wave radio, bodybuilding and firearms.

Los “TEEN-AGERS” track 1
Los “TEEN-AGERS” track 2
Los “TEEN-AGERS” track 3


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