Marlin Wallace and The Corillions – Songs Of Divine Inspiration

incredible DIY release, variety of styles showcased by thiis rail riding hobo, including some straight Ozark gospel, folky xian protest & heartfelt honest pleas for redemption. Recorded from 1975-8 in Springfield Missouri, featuring top notch studio musicians now working in Branson and members or garage/retro rockers the Skeletons/Morells. This is the real deal, the infamous liner notes are just the tip of the iceberg, pure honesty in word and music.

Listen : Jesus Save My Soul, Mark Of The Beast


  • Marlin is America

  • Good stuff. What can I say? I’d love to have this. She sounds like Skeeter Davis!

  • i’ve picked up a couple of 45s on the corrillions label, the Gary Atkinson “Wanderin’ Soul” and “Give Me Your Love”/ Knock On The Door” by Maurice Rock and Clyddie Brown (from 1981). the Atkinson is killer/ fire/ etc (and a bit of a favourite over on the Vulture board), the other is pedestrian country on one side, odd mixed tempe thing on the other.

  • I loved the Gary Atkinson “Wanderin Soul”song.He is my brother. I love hearing him sing the song.(after 35 yrs)He still had a great voice up until the time he died earlier this year.In the Promised Land.. He is singing his song again..and never more will he roam. For? more killer music recorded from Gary Atkinson go to hiltonelectronics then to ..Rockabilly Fever and Staring at the Moon

  • Lyrics in FrenchLa merQu’on voit danser le long des gefols clairsA des reflets d’argentLa merDes reflets changeantsSous la pluieLa merAu ciel d’e9te9 confondSes blancs moutonsAvec les anges si pursLa mer,berge8re d’azur infinie.VoyezPre8s des e9tangsCes grands roseaux mouille9s.VoyezCes oiseaux blancsEt ces maisons rouille9es.La merLes a berce9sLe long des gefols clairsEt d’une chanson d’amourLa merA berce9 mon cœur pour la vie.English TranslationThe seawhich we see dancing along the clear gulfshas silver reflections.The seahas changing reflectionsUnder the rain.The seaTo the summer sky’s confuses her white sheepWith angels so pure.The sea,Shepherdess of infinite blue.SeeNext to the pondsThose tall wet reeds.SeeThose white birdsAnd those rusty houses.The seaHas rocked themAlong the clear gulfsAnd with a love songThe seaHas rocked my heart for life.

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