Merrill Clark: Operating Engineer

A short bit of agonizing over whether or not to crack the seal followed my one dollar purchase of this local San Jose, CA bulldozer man lp. I guess it just seemed like another likely candidate for the better left to the imagination section. Glad my curiosity got the best of me though as it’s a pretty neat record. Merrill mostly sings in a deep, brawny baritone of his pride to be one of the elite few steam-shoveling us into modern strip-mall bliss. You’ll never find him in the Welfare line, no sir! Anyhow, the stand-out cut here for me sees him straying slightly from his Johnny Cash blue-print and, amazingly enough, gettin’ a ‘lil fonkay…

“The Legend of Johnny Green”

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  • Holy CRAP!!! This guy(who’s name is not really “Clark”), was a Northampton Mass native…He and I dated the same woman for a while. Previous to that, he hated my guts on general principle!!( I t’aint no Operating Engineer!)Neither was he (haw haw!)…Hey! maybe he used that bulldozer to bury that wretched leisure suit!

  • second request;

    I would like to purchase Merrill Clarks

    “Operating Engineer”. Your help would be

    greatly appreciated. Please contact me at Thank-You

  • My husband Eddie Riel and I got the chance to meet and know Merril before he passed away of cancer a few years ago. What a nice man! We have his records and listen to them regularly. He was from Cummington Massachusetts and spent his final days there on his piece of land.

  • Here is a link of a record for sale.

    My husband has 2 from Merril himself by he will never part with them. We will leave then to our teen son when he is a grown man.

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