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Posted in Soundtracks

Michael Small: Klute OST

“Hens teeth rare” soundtrack that was allegedly pressed illegitimately from the get go. And believeably so – as originals are unbanded and notoriously shoddily pressed. I have heard this dismissed as a “two tracker”, but it’s about as a good as any soundtrack I’ve heard of this era. If you are looking to find a Coffy/Shaft style blaxploitation funk OST then look elsewhere. But, if “soundtracky” grooves – ranging from moody and dramatic, ala Rosemary’s Baby, to supercharged go-go rock are your thing, then this is about as good as it gets.



  • I read somewhere that this was pressed “overnight” (?) and behind the backs of Warner Bros. executives. How did they get into the pressing facility? Who the hell was working there “overnight”? I always wanted to know and understand just what these rogue record makers aimed to achieve.

    The legend only grows.

    Great movie to boot.

  • I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

  • I don’t get it. What about that track makes this a $200 record. And yo, Klute is about the most dated movie of all times and Jane Fonda deserves a pie in the face not for that Hanoi Jane stuff but for her cheesed out performance in this crazily overrated movie.

  • Hey Douglas, I’m confused. Didn’t you say Klute was your ‘favourite movie of all time ever after Die Hard 2’?

  • I will sample that drumbreak and make # 1 rap song just you wait and see.

  • Hey Douglas, I’m confused. Didn’t you say Klute was your ‘favorite christmas movie of all time ever after Die Hard 1’?

  • No, I said it was my least favorite “sexy prostitute” movie other than “Irma La Douce.”

  • Irma La Douce

    Hey, who says I’m not sexy?

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