Michael Stearns: Planetary Unfolding

When last I spoke of Mr. Stearns, I believe I claimed something to the effect of “he fell off” after making one decent lp. Well, thankfully this claim brought about a reminder that I needed to revisit this, his second lp. While I’m not sure I agree that it “steps all over” Ancient Leaves, I would say that it is at least equally good – and, without reservation, recommend it to fans of droning analog-synth new age. Another fantastic cover illustration on this one as well.


  • Plantetary Unfolding takes the leaf blower and torches those Ancient ass Leaves in a massive synth bonfire.

  • I haven’t downloaded yet how can I leave comment.

  • Could you send link to dl? I’m looking for this album for many years, on Stearn’s Web Shop is unavailable!

  • i am looking for a copy or how to download this wonderful music that i once had on tape and copied over.
    any help would be appreciated

  • Check-out the DVD “Baraka” and Michael’s contribution to the musical score. Made in 1992, it’s pure gold . . .

  • c’mon now, we all know that Sustaining Cylinders is by far the best MS album…..

  • No, this is by far his best.
    I’ve been waiting years for this to be picked up & released on CD (at a reasonable rate)…no luck so far… *sigh*

  • Damn.

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