Mike Curb – Mary Jane OST

Fairly decent psych / pop soundtrack for this 1968 drugsplotation film. Going by the cover art alone you’re almost guaranteed at least a couple good listens on here. I’ve never seen the film but from what I’ve read at IMDB it sounds pretty bad (meaning I’ll have to see it soon). Anyway, onto the music.

The record is split with just about an equal share of vocal and instrumental tracks. Personally, the vocal tracks should be avoided (especially the painful rendition of “Theme from Mary Jane” by Mrs. Miller). “Grass Party” is the highlight of side one — vibraphone-led instrumental with backing abstract percussion — unfortunately it only lasts for a minute and a half. Curb must have really liked Hal Blaine’s Psychedelic Percussion LP from the year before because this track sounds like it was meant for that album. The record picks up on the b-side with “Bay City Kids,” a dj-friendly track with uptempo percussion and plenty of fuzz.

Mike Curb – Bay City Kids


  • not 100% sure which came first, but this track is also on The Arrow’s Cycle-Delic Sounds LP on Tower…perhaps the entire album is the same?

  • One of my favorite ost’s!

  • Hi… Do you have this record for sale??? If anyone reading this has the record for sale please contact me at djexpo22@aol.com

  • This is a good record, Davey Allen & the Arrows at their best, and what’s wrong with Mrs. Miller? Mike Curb, I believe, became a politician, just goes to show Republicans can be cool too. Curb also worked with the Arrows on “Skater Dater”… a prize winning flick about skateboarding and young love. MaryJane is a groovy movie, it stars the enchanting brunette who was in “Riot On Sunset Strip”. Turn me on baby.

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