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Mike & Pam Martin: Fernwood Pacific

Before giving in completely to my soft side a couple years ago I often felt seriously conflicted about records like this. I’d sit listening with an odd mixture of emotions; somewhere between “Well this is nice” & “Jesus Christ where the fuck have my balls gone?!?”. I just hadn’t quite fully ascended to the higher plain of pure soft occupied mostly by high rolling Japanese & South Koreans. It’s nice up here. Like a room made of pillows.

But anyhow, personal neurotic hangups aside, this is an undeniably pretty record. All anxieties over having been tricked into buying yet another scorched honkytonk loser or new grass turd are quickly put to rest by the opener “Do It Right”. It’s like stumbling upon a clear mountain stream housed inside a somewhat unassuming package. The same pure, refreshing quality, tempered by a melancholy note of the lonesome highway, turns up again on the best tracks. And the somewhat darker “Lonesome Entertainer” has a pretty killer faux-CSNY thing going. An overall strong listen marred only slightly by a couple of weaker tracks & something I’d recommend to anyone seeking the softer side of rustic.

“Do It Right”

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“Stay As Sweet As You Are Now”

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“Lonely Entertainer”

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  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    Hi,, My daughter found your site and forwarded it to me. I was more than surprised and touched by having the album in your possession and your comments. I am going to look further into your site to see what else you have. Pam (Martin) Friedman

  • I just found this record in a NJ thrift Store just 2 days after Pam Martin left her comment-It looked intriguing.I didnt even know about this Lp & not much info except on this site. – It is a nice mellow West Coast styled country rock Lp- I really like it- very pro sounding & solid songs that stick to you. More people should hear this. Any chance we can get some more info on this recording ? What year is it from? any other insight/history would be great! Thanks!

  • Is this the Pam and Mike I knew in Vail when I was playing there with my brother Steve and the band Dakota Morning/?? And then with Dale and Marilyn Barcellos in Great Wizard Band?
    We wondered where you were!
    Love ya!
    Comet Haraldson Sioux Falls South Dakota

  • We just found an autographed copy of the LP in my sister in laws belongings. Difficult to research. This copy originally came from NJ.

  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    Yes this was the Pam and Mike you knew in Vail. A long time has passed and not doing much singing now and living near Sedona, AZ. Mike is near our daughter in Scottsdale. Great to see your comment. What are you doing?

  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    To Jeff,
    Thanks so much for your comments. This album was recorded on 1975 in Denver. Mike and I were married at the time and were a duo called Fernwood Pacific. Jim Ibbotson from the Dirt Band was in town at the time and was able bring the musicians together for the sessions. The album was financed by our daughter’s godfather, Truman Anderson. I hope this info helped.

  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    To My Own:
    I am very curious to know who your sister is. We played near my home town and sold quite a few copies in the mid 70′s.

  • comet haraldson, south dakota

    would love to hear from you.
    i am in south dakota.
    dale and marilyn in california, still playing.
    i still play and sing some
    as does my brother Steve, in Denver.
    could you write?
    could you call?
    i am at 366-0660 in south dakota.

  • charlie mcdonald

    Pam, I wondered what happened to you guys. I was in Denver some years ago and asked David (the music store guy) about you and he had no idea.

    Also, I met Wilie Nelson one time and dropped Bob Arthur’s name and had a pretty good conversation with him.

    From your name, it seems you have remarried. I married a second time. Never again.
    I now live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and I still have your album.

    charlie mcdonald

  • Unbelievable! I told my daughters about your album tonight in the car. When we got home, they asked again, so I ran a Google search. Lo and behold, I found this site.

    I haven’t heard these songs since I reluctantly gave up my record player some 20 years ago. Sounds as sweet as I remember.

  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    Hi Charlie and what a pleasant surprise! I am and have been living and working in AZ (near Sedona) as a speech-language pathologist. Erin, our daughter, her husband and son (5 yrs old) and Michael live in Phoenix. Yes, I am happily remarried to a very old sweetheart, thanks to an
    old school friend.
    Where are Liz and your kids? I hope all of you are doing well. Are you still doing music? As I got older I went back to school and got my degree in Communication Disorders and moved to AZ to work in the Sedona School Dist. in 2001.
    My daughter Erin has a beautiful voice and once in a great while we will sing together.
    Michael continues to delve in music and comedy.
    Hope this message finds you well. Thanks again. Pam:)

  • Pam (Martin) Friedman

    Hi Danny! Great to see your message and the sweet words. Thank you. How in the heck are you and everyone else? I can’t believe you have children of your own. I still remember you at Grummy and Grumpy’s when you were young. I hope everyone is well. Please give my love to all. Love, Aunt Pam

  • Happy birthday, Pam. Give Erin, Brad, and Luke a hug for us.

  • Happy Birthday Pam Martin!

  • I have a friend by the name of Doug Cartwright, he did studio for you back in 1975 on your Fernwood Pacific album. Unfortunately the copy that he had was destroyed in a flood. The album has a lot of sentimental value because he worked on the recording. I was wondering is there any way of getting a copy of that album showing the credits with his name on it. Please get back to me and I will give you his contact information or a mailing address that it can be sent to.

  • You can google my name Leasa Rosolino to find me or find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/themusicianssocialclub

  • Last week I bought this curious vinyl with a beautiful quote from Emerson and handcrafted design. I knew nothing of the performers. I was pleasantly surprised to hear because I caught her soft melodies. When searching for information I found this series of email. A curious fact is that I bought the vinyl in a second hand market in Malaga Spain. Leo

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