Misty Moore – This Girl’s In Love With You (Pzazz)

On the small Los Angeles label, Pzazz, this is a Petula Clark soundalike with soulful instrumentation which gets funky in places. Her voice doesn’t really gel with the musical backing, in my opinion. That’s a seductive picture of her, though.



  • I think I had a crappy smooth jazz lp on this label. I’ve always wondered about it.

  • Pzazz released a bunch of soul-funk 45s, as well.

  • Pzzazz had some great LP releases. Some of the better ones are Little Janice, and the Gene Siegel Orchestra.

    the label also put out some great 45’s. My favorite being the Warm Excursion track Hung Up (Pts. 1 & 2)

  • Pzazz was a label founded as a retirement project for Paul Gayten, a noted New Orleans R&B pianist/bandleader/producer/singer-songwriter/record man who’d been a key component to the success of Clarence “Frogman” Henry, “Sugar Boy” Crawford, and Fats Domino’s career, he had done a million other things as well, including working A&R for Chess…Once he moved to LA in his later years, Pzazz was his bid to stay active from 1968-1978…He died in 1991.

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