Mocedades – Recuerdo De

This is a triple LP greatest hits collection from this mostly crummy spanish pop folk group. If my Mom was born in Basque Country and not Pennsylvania she’d flip over this shit instead of Carly Simon or whatever the fuck she was listening to in 1972. Although I guess people in PA were feeling this as well – “Eres Tu” was a huge international hit. Apparently so huge that the group was able to buy a castle with the royalties.

There is one track on here, “Esta Noche ha Llovido,” that, straight up and down, is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if the track officially transcends cornball popfolk to full on psychedelia status, but it definitely has it’s flourishes, with it’s ethereal harmonies, fuzz and a mean guitar solo.


  • One hell of a song, beautiful!

  • I have a copy of eres tu was not impressed no beats no nothing a skiddish sounding sergio mendes if you ask me

  • In Spain a lot of records totally unknow best than MOCEDADES…….

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