Mofungo – Out of Line

Part of the often overlooked (and borderline oxymoronical) “second wave” of the New York No-Wave scene (which birthed bands like Sonic Youth and Swans), Monfungo certainly fits in line with many of the pioneers of the movement, though a little more polished (comparatively) with more attention given to song structure. Skronky, danceable, and full of the tension of urban life amidst the shit of Regan-era America (with the usual lyrics about paranoia and disillusionment), fans of the wonderfully inaccessible genre will certainly find that this is a gem. I hear one of these tracks was comped by Soul Jazz recently, I’m not sure which one but there might be more info to be had there.

Here’s an mp3 of “In Your Heart”, which is roughly the audio equivalent of attempting to stumble home after a night of heavy drinking crazed with fear and strangers asking you “Are you going to be OK?”


  • Dude Caterwauling!
    You really had some cool shit to throw up here!
    Music in this is drunken, driving and awesome.
    Does the rest of the LP sound somewhat similar?

  • This LP came out on “Zoar” which was Elliot Sharp’s label and comparable to Branca’s lbl “Neutral.” They put on an excellent compilation called “Peripheral Vision” which also features Mofungo and is much better in my opinion. Also, Mofungo has a pretty great 7″ on Rough Trade that is worth seeking out. I haven’t heard the latest Soul Jazz comp. but i think the track on it is from the Rough Trade 7″.

  • I just got this on the strength of the song you posted and I really enjoy this album.

    I like it because there are some serious downer type songs and also some great instrumentals. The album also has a consistent, yet un-repedative sound.


  • Our last recorded stuff was never released but I have posted it on feel free to download. Thanks all

  • Great album, great band! I have followed Mofungo since the late 80s and never got tired of hearing them. If you need the whole “Out Of Line” album (which has become extremly rare these days) you can find it on my blog “”.

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