No Tag – Can We Get Away With It

Full length LP recorded live at the Reverb Room by New Zealand’s premier punk/oi band of the day (1982).  One of the few local punk bands of the time to do a full length, they also have a 12″ EP called “Oi Oi Oi” that features three tracks from the LP.

No Tag – Wink Wink.mp3


  • Hi Chris

    great little site you have here. Is there any way I can purchase a copy of the NO TAG “can we get away with it” and / or OI OI OI EP? Would prefer CDr, and I have a large collection to trade with.

  • Hi Martin, Unfortunately I just sold this LP on ebay, I didn’t bother making a full copy of the LP for myself, which I now sort of regret, but at least I got a good price for it. Sorry, I guess you’ll have to keep looking.

  • I’m sorry, this one is terrible.

  • Damn i want this LP. I have the 12” EP and i must say it’s one of my favourite ones.

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