Oronzo De Filippi – Meccanizzazione

Small-group jazz library LP which at times could easily be mistaken for a Morricone soundtrack. Very distinct mix of harpischord, bossa rhythms, abstract electronics, and the classic Italian lounge sound on here. This record (which sounds great I might add – nice and loud mono pressing) was released on the scarce Italian library label Leo, to which very little information exists sadly.

Going by the title and the names of the tracks on here (Architettura Industriale, Chimica Inudstriale, Termomeccanica, etc.) I would assume these songs were intended to be used as a musical bed for documentaries on the many developing industrial cities in Italy of the 1960’s (I wish these sort of things would surface on Youtube). Wonderful minimal artwork cover design, too. Available at Iueke.com – go there now!

Here are two of my favorite tracks:
Dinamica – II versione
Chimica Industriale


  • Beautiful, thanks. Love the organ work with volume pedal.

  • Didn’t one of his songs end up on the 2nd Waxidermy comp?

  • hey mike – yeah there’s a track by oronzo di filippi on that mix (not from this lp though – i think it’s on a library record from the fonit label)

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