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Tom Eagles: Short Affairs

I found this today and thought I’d share its Waxidermic charms. “I Need A Sign” is a poor alienated lover man’s “Shakedown Street” The lyrics in “August” anticipate Will Oldham’s delivery 20 years later. The fuzzy track “Vanilla Man” was too risque to post… “August [...]


The Dukes of Haggard: Point of View

The dude that sold this to me told me that it was only sold at truck stops. I don’t know if that’s true. It seems to be a concept album of (unlicensed?) Merle Haggard songs covered in a disco or new wave idiom. This was [...]


John Bult: Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

John Bult wants to set the record straight. His one and only LP, Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday should have been his calling card to country music stardom. Instead the album has been singled out as the best of the worst – not for Bult’s singing abilities, but for [...]


Hollywood Sessions 130

Ah, Song Poem records. Like the parent who’s never there for you yet you still seek their company. I have no idea why I still buy these. I’d try to argue that I have a particular weakness for this fuzzy felt stock sleeve, but let’s [...]


Jerry Granelli – Visions

Excalibur Inc., No Cat. # I don’t have a lot of pride in my home state/town, per se.  It’s not that I dislike Colorado, I just don’t care.  But for some reason, when I come across records made in Colorado, I’m more intrigued than I [...]

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Resurrecting New Age

Flogging A Dead Genre? Resuscitating New Age

New Age, the musical genre, is generally dismissed as tacky, dull, and even dangerously stupid. Fair enough, but according to a small coterie of serious record collectors and underground musicians, it's also extremely misunderstood and increasingly crucial in a world gone mad.

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Felice Fugazza – Megamoog

Let's face it - for hundreds of years in prison but shaving could have their sentences reduced for ...

Alan Clare Group – Milligatawny

Hi Kris I am Alan Clare's son, and I can verify he wrote Milligatawny as the sig tune for "Muses Wi ...

Ginger Hobby Horse & Friends: S/T (RA records 1970)

I have just heard Lyn SO SORRY What a wonderful man, lovely husband, fantastic dad and incredibl ...

Billings West High School: Spring Band Concert 1962

Is that with directory Avery Glen? I think I was there on 1st clarinet(Bill Glass)

Hank & Lewie Wickham: Back To Back

Is there any way you could download the entire album?? I would love to hear all of their songs, espe ...