Patrice Sciortino – Percussion Power

Strange “exotica” library disc out of Paris, France from what sounds like the late 60’s (no date listed on the label or back cover). A “composition for 30 instruments and percussion accessories” by French composer Patrice Sciortino, and one of the finest of its kind. Sciortino does a great job of creating a distinct mood on here — very tense ‘uneasy’ listening. I’m sure a few of these tracks fit in quite well in a detective film or even a wildlife documentary during the time of its distribution.

Medium tempo” sounds like a lost track that was left off of Pierre Henry’s “Messe Pour un Temps” LP (only thing missing is some electronic effects). On “Bruitage Musical” (musical sound effects), Sciortino plays around with triangles, claves, woodblocks, rattles, and various metallic tones to create a track suitable for play in a dark alley.


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