Paulo de Carvalho – Nao de Costas Mas de Frente

I’ve had this record for some years now and had filed it away with the mental note that it contained some nice songs. Now that I listen to it again I must say it’s really good. Side one suffers from some uneven tracks but side two is nice all the way. A quick internet search brings some remarkable facts to light. Paulo de Carvalho had been Portugal’s entry for the European Songfstival in 1974 with the song E Depois do Adeus. He got the very least points, ending last, something that’s only in his favor of course.

In the meantime elements of the Portugues army were plotting to overthrow dicator Caetano, several people took position and it was decided to play E Depois do Adeus somewhere before midnight on april 24 on the radio to signal the start of the coup, which succeeded swiftly and quickly became a peoples movement resulting in democratic elections in 1975. Anyway, there are two tracks on this disc that I especially like. First there’s the slow Juliao, Desperta, which has a very nice melody. It starts with some chorus guitar and bass ad libs, sounding a bit like the Beatles in their last years. The second song I’d like to share is the more upbeat Eu Ja Dei. Starting with a good bare bass line, the song quickly builds to a pretty groovy beat, with latin-funk moves on electric piano, only to be deaded just a little bit by a less interesting bridge, but not severe enough to kill the song. We’re back on track quickly and there’s a good guitar solo to wrap things up properly. The guitarist starts a bit constipated, but loosens up quick enough to let the notes flow freely.


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