Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a discussion on how cool the “Phasing Drums” part is. As a matter of fact, that’s the most uninteresting part of the record (gasp!). The highlights of this record therefore fall under the “electronic sounds” section, which makes up the entire A side and a quarter of the flip. All of the electronic tracks are composed by Gerhard Trede (& His Electronic Instruments) and for the most part, are quite superb.

Trede has been featured on a few compilations; the crate-digger friendly Dusty Fingers series (#5), and another disc entitled “Electronic Toys” (link NSFW?), which unsuprisingly enough documents electronic library music from the 1970s. Other than those two, research has been very limited on this guy. I know of three or four other library records that he has done on this same label (Selected Sound), as far as work on other library labels or soundtrack work, who knows.

The three tracks below that will give you a pretty good idea of what this library record sounds like. “Synthomaniac 1” reminds me of the Vampiros Lesbos movie; tons of fuzz and electronics, a very late 60’s / early 70’s psychedelic soundtrack feel.

Synthomaniac 1
Synthomaniac 2
Motion Study 1

Apologies on the second track, I was having a hard time removing the annoying background hiss in my audio editing program. I think I need a new soundcard.

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