Philippe Menard – Portrait Musical

A part of the CAPAC Portrait Musical 7″ series, this release is a mix of excerpts from electro-acoustic works by Menard. The clip I’ve included here, “Conte Vert”, contains a burst of energy early in the track that leaves me wanting more, and brings to mind his contemporary, Bernard Bonnier, and his Cassete album. This is an excerpt from his longer piece, “Contes Electroniques”, a collaborative effort along with Serge Rustin. The liner notes are quite descriptive, and at the time of this recording (1981-83), Menard was at work on this: “His current project involves developing a micro-computer system of musical composition, synchronized with body movement, of which a prototype was made in Paris between 1981 and 1983 with the help of Serge Rustin”.

“Conte Vert”

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  • As you already know, there are a lot of great electronic / avant material released through the CAPAC Musical Portrait series. I have about 10-15. This was one I didn’t know about, though, and it’s great! Bernard Bonnier has a CAPAC 7″ as well.

  • ah, that’s a good one guy…got a dozen of this ace face series and around 50 of the stock design-y ones…

  • wonder how many were made altogether???

  • His brother wrote DON QUIXOTE.

  • I did some research on the series a while ago and they did around 300 of these.

    There are also CAPAC cassettes. I have a small pile and two or three of them were very good.

  • Though, the 300 is just an estimate and could be way off. When they were doing stock-covers I think they were pressing “English” and “French” versions, so there could be duplicates.

  • […] sensibilities that serve him well. Unfortunately, very few of his pieces have made it onto vinyl. CAPAC did release a few of his compositions as part of its Musical Portrait series but that was close to […]

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