Quintessence: Sonoma Rag

Well know local Sonoma county jazz rarity allegedly recorded in a chicken coop in Petaluma. Because of the track “Cotati Funk” this record seems to have a reputation as a “private press jazz funk monster”, which it isn’t, and is hated upon for not living up to the hype that surrounds it. When you see it for what it is though, it’s a decent record with an almost classic Blue Note vibe to it. And the sound of the recording is very nice and stripped down – especially for a record from 1980. And Cotati Funk is a pretty nice track. I cannot confirm this as fact, but it is my personal belief that the “funk” referred to here comes from the manure so abundantly used by farmers here in Sonoma. AKA: “the Sonoma Aroma”.


  • me like

  • Yeah, sounds great. Goes on and on, in a good way.

    PS: Crink, you gonna spell check your post? :P

  • Ken Ilusorio was a wonderful drummer. He was a teacher of mine at the time this record was produced. He was a good man, and a tremendous talent on the sticks.

  • That’s my dad on that horn…the heart and soul behind this band. The “funk” you speak of, was his little R&B swing…without making it an R&B thing……

  • I have several orig., copies of the albums complete in the jacket with plastic. Frederick “Joel” Coleman was my brother. Joey played the Trumpet & Fluglehorn.

    He also the high school band teacher in Santa Rosa, Ca

  • Wonderful to see this album.
    Mr. Frederick Coleman was my band teacher. He was a brilliant player, brilliant teacher and changed my life, along with the lives of so many other students. I have been wanting to contact members of his family for many years, just to share what he meant to me and so many of us. I am a musician, and owe most of what is meaningful in my life to lessons learned with Mr. Coleman. He was an exemplary human being. Mr. Chip Coleman, hoping you may see this post, if you do and would be interested, please get in touch, anytime. anniesaxophone@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

  • I played with Billy Browning/Napa Valley College Big Band in 1984 1985. Why he ever let me sit in that band I will never know. Such high caliber musicians. Billy playing tenor, Ken Ilusorio drums, Pete Brescuani trumpet, Gary Fisher piano, et al. Very sad to gear of Billy abd Kens passing.

    Note to Coletha, your father is one professor I will never forget. He gave me a chance. I still play big band jazz today.

  • I just came across my “Sonoma Rag” album, which has moved all over the country with me over the years since I left Sonoma. I remember playing with some of these guys in jazz bands let by Walt Oster and Dan Goulart, back in the day. Very sad to hear that some of these guys have already passed away!
    – Sheila Smart Sicilia,
    Syracuse, NY

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