Rasberry Jam 2/People – If We Only Have Love

Dollar bin find! Blank back cover & a stock front, the only other info besides band & title:Produced by Sid Kleiner’s House Of Guitars, R.513, Califon NJ”. The People side consists entirely of covers: the Bee Gees (Words, To Love Somebody), Beatles (Birthday), Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit), Monkees (Shades Of Grey), and The First Edition (But You Know I Love You). The Rasberry Jam 2 side is a bust, squeaky clean Xian folk , and I like Xian folk, just not that way (they cover Joe Wise, if you’re into that kind of thing). But the People side is kind of like the Kids Incorporated of garage bands. Total earnestness at work here, even “Dancing In The Street” becomes magically listenable again when People have a go at it.

I wish I knew more about the circumstances around the album…here’s no musicians named, and the label just lists the songs & their respective authors (and “audio by Sid Kleiner”). It also mentions that the People side was “directed by Father Robert Findlay” – gotta keep an eye on em I guess -while it looks like his brother? son? Charles oversaw the Rasberry snoozefest . So many questions: was it a church project? Kids who took music lessons at the House Of Guitars? Does anyone have a spare insert?

People – Birthday

People – White Rabbit


  • Raspberry Jam have a follow-up LP. Tepid.

  • My father recorded the album at my house in Califon, NJ. Raspberry Jam was a folk group comprised of students at West Morris Regional High School and other area musicians. Bob Findley went on to run Pax Amicus, a local theatre/music non-profit venue. I believe it was a project to sell to their families and friends and have a record of their music.

  • Trudy & Sid Kleiner
    10188 Winterview Drive
    Naples, FL 34109-1520
    —Fax/Personal Phone: (239) 566-7702

    This is Sid Kleiner, audio engineer and
    producer of Rasberry Jam’s album. I have other albuns on hand that I produced during those same years.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    I will be working on the Constellation cruise ship until October 20th. You can reach me at this e-mail addres from October 20th on.

    With best wishes,
    Sid Kleiner

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