Rhythm Accompaniment – Rhythm Accompaniment

This record looks to be from the early sixties and was released on Columbia’s budget Harmony subsidiary. It provides rhythm accompaniment for dancers, singers, musicians, instructors and children. Essentially it is a record of drumbeats in a number of different styles. You get fox trots, rock and roll, polka and waltzes on side one. Side two is slightly better because it is a whole side of latin percussion rhythms for mambo, cha cha, rhumba, merengue, samba, pasa doble, tango and bolero. This starts off as a cool idea, but after listening to a repetetive mambo beat for two minutes you quickly start to lose your mind and want to snap this record in half. You too can now torture your friends with this arduous samba beat.

Rhythm Accompaniment – Samba.mp3


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