Rod Poole – For Bag / Derek

Rod Poole was an excellent and unique musician who died a tragic and pointless death in mid-2007.

Todd S. Jenkins wrote “On May 13, 2007, Poole and his wife, Lisa, were walking through the parking lot of Mel’s Drive-In in Hollywood when a car driven by Angela Sheridan, 24, of Los Angeles, nearly backed into them. Poole exchanged words with the driver, who got out of the car along with her husband, Michael Sheridan, 25. The husband allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed Poole multiple times before the Sheridans got in the car and fled. Poole died less than an hour later at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.”

Rod’s music melded the sonorities of solo steel-string acoustic guitar epitomized by John Fahey, the microtonal theories pioneered by Harry Partch and a meditational, repetitive execution that reminds me of something like Charlemagne Palestine’s Strumming Music or Lamonte Young’s Well Tuned Piano played on guitar.

I found this eloquent description of Rod’s sound on the ‘No Rock N Roll Fun’ blog (

“Rod Poole uses just intonation, a tuning system with different underlying mathematical relationships from conventional western turning, to coax overtone-rich sounds from his guitar. His music doesn’t progress along a linear melodic path, but it also avoids the pronounced discontinuity characteristic to free improvisation. Instead, it focuses on gradually evolving changes in timbre and texture. Poole plucks intricate figures which become surrounded by an aura of ringing overtones; as his finger-picked patterns change, that aura shifts and shimmers like St. Elmo’s Fire around a ship’s mast. The effect is a little like that achieved by an Indonesian gamelan orchestra, but Poole does it with one guitar.”

This record is the last thing he released, or more accurately, almost released. It’s listed in the Rod Poole Discography as follows “some test pressings of For Bag/Derek (dedicated to a stray cat that Rod adopted and to the late master of improvised guitar, Derek Bailey) were given out to reviewers and friends….solo performances that should be considered as the successors to The Death Adder and December 1996.”

It contains two beautiful side-long pieces for solo guitar. The handwriting on the back of my copy indicates that I was lucky enough to get copy #13 of 43 made. The label is ‘JUSTGUITAR’.

Short sample available here

For more info, check out this site: Rod Poole Music

R.I.P Rod.


  • This is very excellent. Thanks!

  • thanks for this daniel. very nice.

  • What a sad story regarding Rod’s demise. I have the earlier CDs and wondered what had happened to him.

    It’s amazing that you were able to get a copy of that record.

  • Rod Poole is amazing, and this record is RARE. Thanks for sharing.

  • rod called me and wanted me to come by to pick up some copies of this record, but that day i was flying to berlin. needless to say i wish i had stopped by… but this record is not available commercially is it? why don’t you share it in its entirety?

  • rod wanted me to stop by and pick up some copies of this record but that day i was flying out of LA… needless to say i wish i had stopped by. if it isnt available commercially, why dont you share the entire thing? rod himself certainly did not care about money, and only wanted people to hear the vibrations of the universe that he was able to distill…

  • oh i didnt think the first one posted…

  • I beat that asshole R Poole wish he had never disrespected and attacked that young woman on Mother’s Day in front of her child and family. May he rest in Hell.
    Happy Mother’s Day All!!

  • I bet that asshole R Poole wish he had never disrespected and attacked that young woman on Mother’s Day in front of her child and family. May he rest in Hell.
    Happy Mother’s Day All!!

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