Roger Rodier – Upon Velveatur

I had high hopes for this record when I finally found a copy, and upon first needle-drop I was slightly disappointed. I just wasn’t ready. He was so gentle. So dreamy. I found myself tip-toeing around my apartment, worried I might shatter this fragile vibe issuing out my speakers, leaking into my apartment building, and ultimately being contrasted by the void of society outside. But given it’s rarity, the hype, and the nature of its acquisition, I gave it another listen. And then another. And suddenly it hit me. The lush arrangements, his gentle voice, and the beautiful lyrics he sang. Suddenly, I wanted to have a cup-of-tea with Roger, drink the morning light, and listen to the speech by the King of Day.

The album was recorded in February of 1972 in Montreal, Quebec. All songs were written by Roger Rodier, and feature beautiful lush orchestration that never, ever overwhelms the music and only adds to its luscious dreaminess (I say this as someone who hates orchestration). The album is a great balance of gentle folk and dreamy soft-psych. There are, though, 1 or 2 more standard seemingly country/folk arrangements, but for some reason they carry the same vibe that makes the album so amazing and don’t distract from the listening. And to boot, the album is vaguely religious, in the best possible way!

There is not much else I can say. I’m not a professional writer, but just a fan totally enamoured by Roger’s record. He released some 45s, but I have not heard them. The album comes with a beautiful lyric book, with both typed and hand-written lyrics. Pick up the reissue, it has bonus cuts.

Listen: Roger Rodier Clips


  • This is a beautiful record! I have one of the pre-lp 45s (credited to Rodier-Gauthier) and it’s also lovely.

  • gurney, I know you were lookin for this, but I have to keep this copy ;) e-mail me with sound clips of that 45, I’d really love to hear it. I hope you like dwayne cannan.

    vilevin [at] gmail [dot] com

    – Aaron Levin

  • Superb record. It would be nice if Sunbeam would get around to doing a vinyl reissue (perhaps as a double LP with the 45s collected?) until I can find an og.

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