Rojays: Tommy Ran

The rediscovery of the Rojays began modestly 4 years ago when I stumbled upon a well loved copy that was anxiously waiting to be spun at the bottom of an endless sea of Coniff and Como. From the first needle drop of this Lp, I knew that what I was hearing was going to redefine my tastes in record collecting. I was confronted with a work that was challenging to define as a single genre. This album from beginning to end takes you on a journey through the musical craftsmanship of David Rojay and his ex-wife Jackie Rojay.

After much research, a friend and I were able to get in touch with Mr. Rojay. After several email exchanges the full story of the album came to light after almost 30 years. The album had been visualized as a concept album to memorialize his brother-in-law who had recently took his own life. The song “Tommy Ran”, explores the relationship the two had during Tommy’s short life. It is a narrative of sorts with Rojay presiding over the tale. Visions of fruit trucks and mysterious lakes tell the tale of Tommy.

“Jerusalem” is a heavy dose of Jackieís keyboard and the booming voice of Rojay. It is helpful to stare at the cover of the Lp while listening and imagine Rojay floating before you in a ceremonial robe and sacrificial dagger.

I could go on and on about this Lp but I think I will let the music speak for itself. Granted this may not be for everybody, but this LP in its honesty and enthusiasm speaks volumes for the musicians who are only concerned with the output and originality of their craft. At the time, Rojay thought of this Lp as a country album. I would have to humbly disagree. Enjoy the MP3’s and if your interested in dropping David Rojay a line to compliment him on his work I’m sure he would be thrilled. With a little internet detective work you should be able to track him down. But don’t get your hopes up about any copies. They have been gone for many years according to Mr. Rojay. It took me 2 years to track down a sealed copy. Well worth the wait.

Listen: “Baby, Baby, Baby”, “Magazine”


  • Kinda look like the White Stripes with added moustache, no?

  • hey!

    does anyone has a copy of this available to sell/trade ??


  • I recorded and mixed the Rojay’s album at Audio Innovators in Pittsburgh, PA in the 70s. I am so glad to come across this page. I’ve wanted a copy of their music for years. Somehow I managed to never save a copy if I ever had one. A song I especially loved was Jackie Rojay singing a beautiful ballad that included the words, “Here in a very common place, I found the face of love. You were my own private Renaissance, prince of my dreams come true.” That song has rumbled through my head for decades. I’d so love to get a copy of that if anyone has one. And if you could tell the Rojays I’d love to hear from them! – Thanks.

  • I wish this album was reissued. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Also, the album, “Punch Mellow” by Rojay North does too. Is it the same guy? Sounds like it. Either way, I’d enjoy hearing both of these albums, and any more by the Rojays!

  • I so miss you David.Its Dina you were my singing coach. Because of u I sing today.Dinner music is my specialty .Please call me love to catch up.My mom is Ellis and aunt is. Rosie from Sheraton days.I was only 16 when I met you

  • I just found a (sealed) copy a ‘The Rojays’ LP called ‘Jerusalem’. My copy has no reference to ‘Tommy Ran’. The picture shown on this page is on the back side of the cover. Half of the front cover shows the word “JERUSALEM” – the lower portion is a silhouette of the city of Jerusalem.

    Some of the ‘Tommy Ran’ songs are missing. However, five different titles are on that copy I have.

    @ Bob Bradford, the last song on my LP is called “In A Common Place” (2:38). I believe that is the one you’re referring to.

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