Ronald S. Marquisee-Electronic Music Vol. 1

This is a sound library on the Corelli/Jacobs Film Music Library label (a subsidiary of De Wolfe?) and I have never seen any other library on this label. According to the seller in which I bought it from, it was cut in the late 60’s. This album is broken down into two parts. Side A is ‘Electro Beat’ and Side B is ‘Electro-Pulse’. There is a total of 18 tracks on side A (the Electro Beat side) and 30 tracks on side B (the Electro-Pulse side). Tracks are further broken down. Electro Beat Nos. 1-10 are 60 seconds long, which could be a good or bad thing. Electro Beat Nos. 11-18 are only 30 seconds long. Electro Pulse Nos. 1-2 are 30 sec. long, 3-15 are 20 sec. long, and 16-30 are 10 sec. long.

My favorites is Electro Beat No. 3, which features a weird drum machine looping while Ronald gets biz on his Moog synthesizer. If you’re into weird electric tones, drum machine loops and ‘songs’ that don’t last longer than a minute, then I think this would be a nice addition to your collection.


  • Hi,

    Corelli-Jacobs is the US agent for the DeWolfe Music library. We don’t really use the name Corelli-Jacobs anymore, but many of our older clients still refer to us as such. We house a music library containing thousands of archived records that are all excellent, especially for library music. They are not for sale to the general public (DeWolfe is business to business) so they are a nice, rare score if you can get them. Many hip hop producers have recently discovered old C-J records (at fairs, in used bins, at radio station sales, etc.) and are sampling them as beats for current artists.

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