Russ Vines and the Contemporary Music Ensemble – Gemini

I have no clue what Russ was aiming for when he put this out. A majority of this record is tepid jazz, the track “zippy’s night out” gets pretty funky but then goes downhill. Here’s a soundclip of one of the spacy electronic tracks on the record – “Gemini 1”


  • cool cover and I like the spacy electronic thing. Is the tepid jazz at least spacy and electronic as well? Or would it then not be tepid?

  • Jermey gave me a copy of this and I actually find it to be pretty un-tepid. Definitely all over the place though. Too jazzy to be an avant garde record, and to avant to be jazz. Real decent for 1983 though.

  • nice piece of FX style analog knob twiddling

  • from the sound clip the electronics sounds pretty cool..
    i’m curious of the type of jazz(free jazz? or traditional structured songs?) thats performed on this.. & also are the tracks that incorporate the jazz/instruments also incorporate electronics too?

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