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Savannah: Crank It Up

Prior to verifying the Bob Berry production credits & dedication to Tommy Bolin on the back I’d momentarily assumed this was some newfangled overly retro hipster thing that had somehow managed to become authentically ringworn. I mean, you have to admit, the band bears an uncanny resemblance to the male cast members of Fox’s “That ’70’s Show”. Perhaps put over the edge by the label name CHROME THIGH, I paid my $3.95 fully expecting a milquetoast AOR snooze-fest.

Upon getting it home & on the turntable I was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable hesher-lite sound of Savannah. While far from edgy, the songs are solid and reminiscent of Killer-era Alice Cooper minus the theatrics & Boa Constrictors. Anyhow, should you find yourself underwhelmed by the MP3 try imagining that you graduated two years ago but are in the habit of returning to your High School parking lot on game night to drink Rolling Rock & leer at Sophomore girls in the back of your buddy’s Trans Am.

“Lookin’ For A Woman”

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  • alright!

  • They have an earlier, non-LP single as well. ‘Livin’ High’ b/w ‘Night Life’ on their own Savannah imprint. From around ’75.

    Some multi-faceted deep existential shit in the lyrical department too as you might expect from the song-titles.

  • Any chance of the full LP being uploaded? This was great!

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