Savant – Stationary Dance / Sensible Music

Released on “Palace of Lights” in 1981, Savant was a group lead by Kerry Leimer, the head of the label and someone who still releases electronic/ambient music to this day. The record contains only two tracks, both with a decidedly Eno-vibe (each in their own way). The a-side’s “Stationary Dance” reminds me of something that could have easily fit on Eno & Byrne’s “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” LP. The song is built around a slap bass loop while percussion, guitars, samples from old records and various electronics come and go throughout.

The b-side is in stark contrast to its counterpart; slow, heavily reverbed drums, an electric piano and more synths create a “blazing downtempo” track before the genre even knew it existed. My only complaint is that this already plays at 45, if this was at 33 it would make for an excellent Baldelli-esque “cosmic” track sped up (oh well). Overall I dig this record though, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for more stuff on this label but I haven’t been successful thus far. For more information on Leimer’s music, visit the Palace of Lights website.

Download both tracks (.zip)

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