Sonde – En Concert


From the liner notes: “Live concert improvisations. Some of the pieces are played on new sound sources designed and constructed by members of the group. Others user traditional sources in a new context. Occasional use of electronic sound modification techniques”

So basically, a buncha Canadians running around and making like Taj Mahal Travellers, AMM, et al. Lots of droning reverb and echo, some distant operatic female vocals, steel cello-ish sounding bowed gongs, and occasional Merzbow-ish eruptions. Apparently the Globe And Mail in Toronto found it ‘ravishing, moving, extraterrestrial’.

The record is dedicated to Mario Bertoncini, who was a member of Grupo Nuova Consonaza, along with Ennio Morricone. Released on Music Gallery Editions in 1978.

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