This LP was produced for an ‘exhibition of sound sculpture, instrument building, and acoustically tuned spaces’ that took place at the Los Angeles Institute Of Contemporary Art July 14-August 31, 1979.

It contains twenty six pieces of music and environmental sound from Yoshi Wada, Bill Fontana, Joan La Barbara, Terry Fox, Christina Kubisch, Tom Recchion and other less familiar names. Some of the pieces take the middle ground between ambient sound and musical performance while others pick an extreme – Ivor Darreg’s Composition for Turkish Fretless Banjo or Bill Fontana’s ‘Kirribilli Wharf’ which sounds like a lot of water sloshing around. Otherwise, Richard Dunlap seems to be having a great time twanging rubber bands and Susan Rawcliffe plays a canticle-sounding piece for Ocarinas.

I particularly like the ominous sound of Doug Hollis’ Aeolian Harp echoing throught the San Francisco Exploratorium and Tom Marioni’s 1972 recording ‘Drop Brushing’ from Scotland, which sounds like a one-legged man running through an echoey castle.


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