Sounds Of Love …A to Zzzz

The sounds of a woman getting it on with a Moog. This is either one of the best or one of the worst records I own – I’m just not sure which…

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  • This record seems essential.

    Why the hell are you not a hip hop producer Jefe? :P

  • Am I sitting on untapped “jiggy hip-hop loopz” without even knowing it?

  • She ain’t untapped mate! :rolleyes:

  • Oh please let this be a Salma moment! :oops: :oops: :oops:

  • This album is bizarre but I’m into weird, Moog-based stuff like this. I’m not into the second side of the album, though.

    Essential, no. More like a “producers” album.

  • i love moogs. i wish i owned one. if i did i wouldnt make anything that sounds like that…

  • great cover pics! this is synthporn galore and the stuff that get’s my pants wet :-D
    The synth in the background is actually not a Moog, but the might Arp 2500. It was released in 1970 as direct competitor to the Moogs Modular. It had a 10×10 Matrix to patch sounds together, so you don’t have to deal with cables.ARP might borrowed this feature from the legendary EMS VCS 3 Synth know as the 2 “Putney”. The better known Arp 2600 released after it was “only” semimodular
    and used patchcables. But hey, at least it was sort of portable and sounds great too.

    oh man, i’m just imagine, how this record sounds
    Looking forward to check your “electronic” section…

  • reminds me of Saturday night/Sunday morning.
    I want this record to be the soundtrack to all my weekends .

  • yes. this record is essential to me. bought it for 1 cent and i gave it to jeff i think.

  • please let me hear from you about htis music love to buy a copy ..i used it often in my younger days ..

  • Have you heard Sounds Of love by 101 Strings? It has standard 101 Strings backing with the moans of Bebe Bardon. Bebe who?Interspersed between her, uh, songs are renditions of a DJ type guy velvetly ponticicating overtop of such songs as “The sounds Of silence” and Yesterday” ie. “…please bring me back my yesterday.”
    Album has fold out of woman in revealing dress who is most probably not Bebe Bardon. Bebe who? I envision Bebe (who?) in a dark studio trying to be as convincing as possible. Wrapping up and passing her mic to the DJ who has had 8 cups of coffee and is ready to elaborate on some modern classics.
    My fave 101 Strings album, moreso than “Astro Sounds…” and “Sounds Of Today.”
    Still it doesn’t quite have the cold Demon Seed vibe of this record!

  • I know this comment is way after the initial posting, but if I’m not mistaken this is an ALshire recording, released by my former employer (1971-1972), The Record Club of America. I worked in their second retail outlet (outisde of their hometown in York, PA) in a then-new Eastview Mall outside of Rochester, NY in Victor NY. The RCOA was noted for 2 things: 1. being the most easily ripped-off record club in existence (my boss told me exactly how to do it) and 2. the only Record Club with a LICENSE to print major label product, which is why from time to time you can find older LPs with the RCOA info printed on them. I don’t doubt that there were a few overruns of select product happening on the late shift down in York. Hell, my boss at the time routinely smoked me under the table. The Alshire label was noted for those myriad of 101 Strings supermarket rack fillers AND a rare Abbey Hoffman LP that was only available at our stores and through the record club. Just thought you might like to know a little more.

  • Duncan,
    I have never heard about the Abbie Hoffman album before! Tell me more!

    P.S. I just, by sheer luck, found the Sounds Of Love…A to Zzzz album last week and am soooo happy! It was in a pals’ box of records that he was just giving away!

  • Where is download button please?

  • I need a ‘stone mint’ copy of this LP.

  • Suspiciously enough, I’ve never come across one that didn’t have at least some wear. *shudder*

  • I just (by sheer coincidence) obtained a copy of Sounds Of Love: A to Zzzz (Yorkshire 27021 LP) it is near mint, only a few minor surface scratches, that aren’t even audible. An incredibly quiet, pristine pressing (almost zero pops) and the jacket and inner sleeve are in excellent shape. I almost passed it up, but then I found it to be a collectible item on the web afterwards. I am not sure if I want to part with it yet, but I might entertain some offers here before going the E-Bay route if I do. It’s a real trip to listen to with good headphones, but the “sex” novelty kind of wears off for me, considering this was recorded in 1972 and I was only four at the time of pressing, hmm?

    P.S. some of the ARP 2500 sequences on Side A, sound a bit like an Atari “2600”, (or even a Pong machine) going completely insane…I can only imagine that with this LP, there must have been at least as many needle drops, as “drops” of acid taken in tandem with this listening experience. (One more good reason to hold onto this album for the appropriate audience partner…)


  • It’s not a super rare record or anything. Can usually be had for around $20.

  • I found it today in a yard sale for $0.25!!

  • Does anybody have any more information on who’s behind this album? Side A says “Composed by Fred Miller”, and Side B are classical pieces.

  • I bought this from a “Mental Health” thrift-shop a few years ago. Most comments are right on the mark about the B side, it is total Zzzz!

  • Dayton,

    When are you going to release a July 4th Toilet Moog Love/Lust lp? Hope you are well!



  • Ah Chris, I think the closest I ever got to that was with “Erotic Thriller” by Canned Hamm. But have you heard the Balls Boogie LP we did? Check link above…it’s influenced by some budget dept store LPs and hard driving rock and G Funk and Can Con Concrete to boot.
    Mannnn, there’s so many albums I wanna make! It’d be great to be some sorta Palmer Rockey character and just make things!

  • dilla used this shit!

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