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Spray Pals – Project A

While I have no idea WHAT a Spray Pal is supposed to be, thanks to the liner notes on this single we at least know WHO they are (or were, as it were).  Kristin Gushurst on keyboards and Susanne Lewis on guitar & vocals were Spray Pals, and this single hailed from Denver, Colorado circa 1982.  Bob Drake helped out on bass and percussion, and the thing that probably got me to pick this up years back was the bouzouki contribution from Nikos Zigouris, as I had a serious Greek music fixation back in the early 80’s.

Susanne Lewis has been involved in a number of interesting musical projects over the years, from Thinking Plague to Hail to Kissyfur, and those interested in delving further into her catalogue can find more information here: http://susannelewis.com/selecteddiscography.  The 2 tracks herein are both quite listenable femme postpunk, the A-side (Happy Go Lucky) has a bit of a mid-eastern feel (and features the bouzouki), while the B-side (Dead Sea) features a strong, simple riff that’s quite intoxicating.  Would love to hear more from these Pals.


  • Kristin Gushurst

    I LOVE IT. What a Spray Pal anyway?? Well it was kind a play on words. We were Play pals, and we were Pray pals. Then one day we were Spray Pals. That’s all. Ok, well we were hot and it was sunny, and the label on the spray bottle said… spray pal… and well.. something like that.
    SO happy that somebody even has this record…. ! I still have a box of them in a box somewhere……..

  • Kristin Gushurst

    By the way the audio links don’t seem to be working…. :(

  • Hi Kristin, glad you liked the review, and thanks for the heads up on the audio links. They should be fixed now. And of course, thanks so much for creating this wonderful artifact back in the day. I’ve really enjoyed having it all these years. Did you ever record anything else? All the best — Bruce

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