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Stepping Tones – I Want To Dance Like Michael Jackson

If I was more organized, I would’ve had this up months ago, you know, when he died. I can only hope it breathes new life into Michael’s storied legacy which doesn’t seem to be losing much relevance thanks to an uninterrupted media blitz. I do find it interesting that, had I posted this back when I found it, this would seem like a crude inside joke… children singing about Michael Jackson! NEVER! Who could have guessed that in the interim there would be a complete reversal on the issue, however unsubstantiated those original claims may have been. Context is everything, so with that in mind, this 45 harkens back to an era where Michael Jackson was on top of the world, and every kid wanted to do the moonwalk just like him. BOOGIE DOWN

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  • Dear Cracker,

    I really do not know where one will find this cd, elsewhere.

    Would you be amenable to posting a downloadable mp3 link, if even for only a short time?

    It would be appreciated…

    Thanks, and thanks for sharing this delightful track.


  • @Chris it is downloadable just look in the source code of the player

  • This rules! Thanks for posting.

  • @tympanist
    thanks. It took me a while, but now a new skill has been mastered and a fun 45 has been had. Thanks

  • my poor ears…if i only i could get the 2 minutes of my life back. truly horrible.
    thanks for the post tho…no disrespect. i love this site!

  • There’s a pressing of “Tighten Up” on the same label with a dude talking out jazz dance steps over it. Great post, always was curious what else could be part of the series.

  • How is it that you look into the source code of the player in order to download this as an mp3?


  • the saucer people

    Huge thanks for sharing the Stepping Tones ‘Michael Jackson’ track…..its one hell of a strange record and as you mentioned, when you set this against the context of his later life, the allegations and strange behaviour, it does generate a strange edginess!

    Its a real shame its so crackly but thats often the way with these uber-obscura artefacts…I love it when the voice kicks in with all the ‘step one-step two’ instructions, so exquisitely deranged.

    Any idea when this came out? I was trying to locate it culturally but it is beyond me, the music and lyrics give little away and the pseudo-archivist in me does like dates!

  • Hi Just to let you know this is a teaching aid created by a gentleman called Al Gilbert his company Stepping Tones music has now been taken over by Musicworks Unlimited and this record is now available for purchase on CD along with many more. They create there own sound tracks and Dance Syllabus. Kylie

  • I think Michael Jackson was very charming yet awesome guy. PS, where do I get his cloths that he, MICHAEL JACKSON!!!! actually wore?

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