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Street and Gangland Rhythms

Simply put; this is one of the most amazing and entertaining records I’ve ever heard. It’s a truly fascinating slice of life that does not cease to astonish upon repeated listens, and makes one wish that more things like this had been preserved for the ages. The songs, anecdotes, and a capella gang wars of these children are absolutely brimming over with creativity and inspiration. Totally and unreservedly recommended. Unfortunately, like so many other great Folkways recordings, this has yet to be reissued – and the original vinyl is quite rare and normally demands rather steep prices.


  • this sucks. why are people after this stuff?

  • Recognize the realness.

  • this is seriously one of the greatest things ive ever heard in my life. i must have this record

  • I think it’s great ;)

  • Another vote for great. Side note: this and other amazing out-of-print Folkways recordings are available in CD-R form (no cover art, sadly) from their web site: http://www.folkways.si.edu

  • …and they also have a really nice bulleting board that you can post on if you can make it past the Stalin-esque censorship regime.

  • The Alligator Lords!
    I have a Folkways Summer camp record similar to this
    I love this though, the roleplaying
    …” awright baby you know I got my Mau Mau Machate ready”
    the dispatch/reporters
    …”ladies and gentleman…”
    and then the grand finalie
    …”because we are the (Winners)(Teeenaaagerrs)”

    Damn you all at Waxidermy

  • That’s official!!!!! Sounds like some ole’ Education of Sonny Carson ish!!!! Post more like that sun!!! Peace!!!

  • Gimme some of that ‘ol gangsta s**t!

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