Tedd Smith: Smash and Grab World

I believe I once read somewhere that Tedd Smith was Billy Graham’s Pianist. And record enthusiasts probably best know him for the common and less than amazing “Time to Run” soundtrack. But he also made a few very ambitious concept albums for Word/Light – this being the best of the ones I’ve heard. The album runs a wide range of styles – from decent folky stuff with female vocals, to the totally amazing and unclassifiable mix of harrowing spoken word and almost avant garde instrumental passages of the title track. The guitar part almost reminds me of something Sonic Youth would play. A Surprisingly unusual and inspired record that I absolutely recommend to fans of off-beat and bizarre Christian music.


  • This is a really great record, with a completely unique sound.

  • TEDD SMITH was Billy Graham’s pianist for more than 50 years, beginning in 1947. He is a Canadian and, in my humble opinion, THE VERY BEST KEYBOARD ARTIST ever. He can play any style music, adding his own unique personal touch to every melody.

  • When Tedd Smith was in his youth, he played the piano at my mom’s house on Gray Street in London Canada. My mom, now age 86, said that even as a young child, Tedd Smith was an amazing piano player. I wonder if Tedd Smith remembers those days???

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