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The Altered Nixon Speech 45

This 45 was found at a bookstore in Washington DC. The A side- “The Speech” contains fragments of Nixon’s 2nd Watergate speech, where he essentially denies knowledge and complicity in the affair. The B side’s “Original Material” is an edit whereby the same speech is reconfigured (with added reverb to smooth over the seams) so that Nixon affirms outright his lawlessness in the pursuit of power. What I like about this recording is that it’s as if the editor has somehow revealed to us Nixon’s “inner voice”, speaking freely. Listen here.


  • this is so bizarre and amazing, thank you for sharing this!

  • This is great. Thank you so much.

  • National Lampoon did something like this, but on a much grander scale, on their album “Missing White House Tapes.” One side of the album was all altered Nixon recordings. Some of the editing was so perfect it was hard to believe it had been changed. (Like this recording, it was also probably closer to the truth anyway.) Find it and enjoy it if you can. Chevy Chase & John Belushi are part of the cast on side 2, which is yet another take on the Watergate era.

  • I have lived in Baltimore much of my life and was managing a cool little record shop when this beaut was released on a VERY limited basis. I’ve a copy my self, and have enjoyed playing it through the years for friends that had never heard of it. Back then (early 70’s) it was truly what we all wanted to hear – the truth! This was the only was we had to hear through the Bullsh*t at the time. We need something like this now – don’t we?

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