The Atlantics – Bombora

Without a doubt the greatest & most successful surf band to come out of Australia ever.  Formed in 1961 “Bombora” was the group’s second 45 & was released in 1963.  Produced by Sven Libaek, it was the band’s biggest hit & was one of only two 45s by the band to get released in the US (the other was “War Of The Worlds” from 1964).  It is really only part of the story though as the band continued to release records through to the end of the decade, including five highly sought after LPs from 1963-65. They were also busy backing Australian vocalists on record, with a number of 45s beng released with Johnny Rebb or Russ Kruger fronting the band (among others).  This 45 also received releases in New Zealand & Japan.  Bombora is the name of a famous surf spot around Sydney, the song also received cover versions by a number of other artists. The original stands as a brutal & uncompromising piece of surf music that still sounds exciting today.

The Atlantics – Bombora.mp3


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