The Cactus Rose Project

This local release on Mars Records (that’s a very realistic little red planet Mars in the bottom left hand corner) is a two track wonder first heard at Friends of Sound. Dave said he’d keep an eye open for another one after I had asked what it was. The intro to “Jelly” sounded a lot like Just Us 2’s (another local Texas duo) version of the Doobie Brothers’ song “Long Train Runnin'”. But it quickly opens up into an AOR groovy flute jam featuring flautist Cindy Cox. She has a great voice too…that’s her singing on the other great track, “Dancin’ in the Moonlight”. It’s an original tune, not the well known radio hit, and like the back cover says:

CACTUS ROSE voices were recorded using the Audio-electron Hydr-schronizer relay Expander.

It goes on to explain that the “album was recorded at Mike & Patti’s house” and you can really hear how relaxed they were. There was something in the air during those sessions, something powerful enough to insipre Cindy to sing, “I feel like I’m starting to come on – I’m gonna dance all night – Till the break of dawn”. I was just as inspired when Dave said he’d found my copy in bunch of records from Corpus Christi…now you can feel it too.


  • “Jelly” is a smooth jam. Nice post.

  • Brought tears to my eyes hearing Cindy’s voice again. I have this album, but signed by all the band members. I gave it to my son, because he truly has his Mom’s talent. Cindy went to be with the LORD on 10/28/2003 after a tragic car wreck in West Kerr County, Texas. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  • A great album from a great group. I did not know that Cindy passed on. What a tremendous loss. Rest in peace little bear.

  • Her code name was cinnamon bear and I loved her music and talent . I was her drummer on this album and I have just now found out about her demise. I am now very sad. I will miss her even more. Good bye Cindy, I still love you.

  • Grant, I am sorry for your and your sons loss. I am also sorry to not have been in touch sooner. Alas, such is the way. God bless You and your son and, well, peace and love, Michael.

  • Hey Mike, Good to hear from you. The boys are well, and playing up a storm. Ethan is playing open mic nights at Starbucks at 17 yo, and writing all the time. Jeremiah plays a lot too, more thoughtful. Me I just buy strings for them…Blessings to you.

  • wow this is amazing,I was thrilled to find this. Hey Grant and Mike its been along time.

  • I had the album untill a few years back. I lost it in a fire at my home. I still have a 45 though.It has drifting wind on side 1 and never knew it was like this on side 2

  • Cindy was my sister,, thank you for posting this =)

  • Cinnamon bear to some, Little Bear to others. Regardless, an angel with an angelic voice. Fortunately this recording serves as a reminder of not only her tremendous talent but her ability to touch so many lives.

  • I was the bass player and wrote some of the songs on the album. Enjoyed the group very much. I miss Cindy so much. I felt blessed to be able to sing with her and have her as a great friend. The Cactus Rose band will live forever.

  • I came across, and bought, a sealed copy of this Cactus Rose Project album and wondered what it sounded like, so thanks for making several songs of it available to hear online…interesting music and not at all what I expected – and the cover art is cool and colorful.

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