The Dance – In Lust

Owing to the response from my review of The Dance’s second album, Soul Force, I thought I’d post up their first album In Lust. This album is much more disco than Soul Force, however it still contains the approach to song-writing that made Soul Force so great. While Euginie sounds just as sexy, it is obvious she hasn’t fully developed her writing style. Overall In Lust has a very interesting sound and although I don’t find it as cohesive and awesome as Soul Force, I still enjoy every listen.

The two tracks that stand-out and capture the sound of the album are the opener, Break Out, and Personal Grooves.

Released in 1980 on Statik Records. What a cover!


  • Agree! I have just digitized my copy of In Lust. I still like they sound a lot! And the cover!

    I did’t really follow what happened around the band since this album was released. So I didn’t know that it was the first one or they made a second one. Is it available on CD or MP3 anywhere?


  • Hey vp,

    Thanks for your comments. None of The Dance recordings have been reissued or were released on CD. There is one song of theirs on the No New York comp.

    If you search waxidermy for The Dance – Soul Force you will find their second album, which I have digitized and made available for download. I have also made a post about their first EP, Dance For Your Dinner.

    – Aaron Levin / Canonical

  • aaron, if you digitize this album and make it available for download, i might pass out from sheer joy. in lust and soul force have been among my recurring favorites for over 20 years now. thanks so much for drawing attention back to such great tunes!

  • I’m so glad I found this site (by googling Eugenie Diserio). Thank you to everyone who has said nice things. Eugenie and Steve (her husband at the time) were artists so, if you listen to her lyrics, it should be no surprise that Eugenie is responsible for the album cover. At the time we were rehearsing in the legendary Music Building on 8th Ave and 39th St which was filled with young bands including an unknown Madonna (that’s another story). So Genie and Steve “sourced” the photo from a local sex shop and did the filtering and cropping, then added the text. The album was recorded in 10cc’s Strawberry Studios in Dorking, Surrey. A small farming town south of London, in other words, about as far from the Garment District and Hell’s Kitchen as you can get. I was 18 years old and very nearly missed my High School graduation because we spent an extra couple of days mixing the album there. What a trip! I still regret not having more time to rehearse the material before going into the studio but I hear that is not uncommon. Playing drums alongside a monster bassplayer like Louis Watterson was thrilling but also a little intimidating. Next time you listen to either album, listen to Louis’s bass lines. See if you agree with me that he was the driving force behind this innovative music. Thanks again for the kind words.

  • Robey! I tried to e-mail you but whatever e-mail you left is not working (caferacer [at] nyc [dot] com). Please give me an e-mail, there’s a lot I’d like to talk about.
    Aaron Levin / canonical
    vilevin [at] gmail [dot] com

  • If Louis is seeing this hi from Bridget from Chips I think of you often –. I heard a bit of your music and always wanted a copy. Just saying hi. Love, BRidget

  • I just picked this up off Ebay…the vinyl is totally warped…but it actually plays. I might try to “flatten” it again with some 90 degree room action/heavy books during the summer… This really needs to be reissued. Really.

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