The Fourmyula w/Shane – Alive

This album was recorded at the Wellington Town Hall, probably around late 1969 or early 1970 and features two of the biggest artists in New Zealand rock music of the time.  The Fourmyula were at this stage in time between their attempts at breaking the UK market & were playing a much heavier style of music than they had become famous for in the late sixties.  Shane was no longer a member of legendary sixties R&B band the Pleazers but was riding high on his own solo career & had just won the prestigious Golden Disc award for 1969.

Musically there is a lot of worth to be found in this record.  It sells a loosely funky style of heavy rock that flirts with a soul influence at times, while also embracing touches of psych & pop.  There is also a Rock & Roll medley to start side two, the obligatory ‘heavy’ Beatles cover (Day Tripper) & opportunities for the organ & guitar to stretch out a bit at times.

More complete bios of both The Fourmyula & Shane can be found at these pages:

Fourmyula – Loving Time.mp3

I recently witnessed Shane reunited for a gig with The Pleazers & those guys can still tear it up a-la The Pretty Things.  Great stuff.


  • It is quite good having sound on my computer,first time ever. Will I ever need to buy another record.
    Have not played this record in years and it is good to hear it again through here. I always pass over
    this lp when looking for something to play.Next time I might actually listen to sounds good on here. Saw these guys play once around the time of that Creation lp..It was their new “just back from the Uk with cooler clothes,longer hair and heavier sounds phase and it was indeed cool

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