The Knieriem Sisters – I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today

I found this little gem in a Salvation Army in South Central PA. Obviously, I was attracted to the cover, but The Knieriem Sisters turned out to be a pretty amazing duo. Their single, ‘I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today’ is by far the best song on the album. Definitely worth the .49 cents that I paid for it. The back cover reveals that “Janice and Elaine are not Gospel singers by force, but by choice” and that “their talent can only be attributed to God and a great dedication to Gospel music.”


  • Brings back a lot of old memories. They were great singers

  • I remember these two girls when i was a girl, They went to our conventions in Homosassa Springs Fla and they had the sweetest voices I ever heard. It is totally amazing after 40 yrs to see the same album they sold at our conferances. I even remember the dresses and the hair they wore ringlets. The way i found this is now 40+ yrs later my granddaughter is dating their great nephew. I am always amazed at how small this world is. Thank you for bringing back great memories. Nancy Watson Hunter

  • I just listened to an old cassette of Henry and Hazel Slaughter singing HIS version of this song, and wondered if these girls sang the original tune. Anybody know where one can hear the original tune. Henry said that he found the worsds & music in an old hymnal, but didn’t like the tune, so wrote his own.

  • I would love to hear the song: I’ve never loved him better than today by the Knieriem Sisters. If someone could possibly put that song on youtube.

  • I can tell all of you that I personally knew the Christian lady who wrote the gospel song “I’ve Never Loved Him Better than Today”. It was never in a hymnal book as far as I know. And, Henry Slaughter did not write this song…he must have copied it and changed some words to make it his version. Annabelle Harrell, from Manchester, TN, write this song. She and her friend Edith Finchum often sang it together in our church (yes my home church). The first time I heard this song I was only 10 years old and I will soon be 62. Sis Ann often said in later years that she never thought about anyone taking her song and calling it their own; however, the first time she heard Jimmy Swaggart sing her song she almost dropped in her tracks. It goes to show anyone out there who writes songs or lyrics, they need to take the proper legal steps to protect their interests OR their songs will indeed be taken from under their very noses.

  • I went to church with Janice and Elaine years ago. We grew up together, loved those two girl very much. I am so sad that Elaine passed away, they were both great singers and great people.

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