The Laughing Bear

This man really isn’t a bear.

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  • Wow!
    I think one of my chakras opened!
    No, wait…it was only gas…

  • furry raer

  • This is Jim Morrison, right?

  • No, I think it’s the Legendary Stardust Cowboy before he completely lost the faculty of speech.

  • wonderful !!!! i tryed to catch the album and the name of the artist on the web & on emule but impossible ! could you tell more about this shaman artist ?????

  • If I remember correctly it does not give the guys name anywhere on the lp. Kind of mysterious.

  • Holiest of Molies!Truly Awe-ful!Is there ANY possiblity of cdr trade (i do have a few weird rarities) or purchase?

  • If there is a little chance to get a CD-r, contact me please… I want to listen this extraordinary music.
    Thank you.

  • Seems this is Tom Heidlebaugh. His obituary in the Los Angeles Times reads..

    “Author and Poet who worked to revive and preserve Native American traditions. Heidlebaugh coordinated programs for American Indian youngsters. With his friend Phil H. Red-Eagle, he founded an arts center in Tacoma, Wash., with plans to teach classes in writing, carving, weaving and native languages. His poems and projects were aimed at fostering pride in Indian heritage as what Red-Eagle called “glue to hold our people together.” Heidlebaugh also published Oceanedge magazine, which often showcased items written by teenage Native Americans. On March 26 in Tacoma of cancer.”

    Also seems he has worked with Harold Littlebird (A poet, potter and storyteller from the Pueblo nation) on the album A Circle Begins.

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